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Submitted by FanOfRootBeer 1021d ago | opinion piece

Top 10 Games That Kill Time and Brain Cells

CheatCC says: "The summer gaming slump approaches. Most major-labels wait until the fall to drop their AAA titles on us. As most of us get out more to enjoy the weather, we find ourselves with only a few spare minutes in which to get our gaming fix. Here’s our list of top ten gaming quickies guaranteed to satisfy." (Industry)

slypstream  +   1021d ago
I play the hell out of Fruit Ninja!
MyLifeIsAnRPG  +   1021d ago
Fruit Ninja is ok but minecraft.... oh god minecraft. I don't even like the game and I've spent far too much time on it.... it's like a drug in the form of digital lego blocks...

Great even talking about it has made me want to play minecraft again
Detoxx  +   1021d ago
I used to skip class at school to play Minecraft: Pocket Edition on my Galaxy S3 with an friend..
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GreenRanger  +   1021d ago
The game i play in the bathroom kills my brain cells.
guitarded77  +   1021d ago
MineCrack is the number 1 time sink around. Not listed is a free PSN game called "Jetpack Joyride"... I play that stupid game on Vita all the time. It's more addictive than Angry Birds. So many damn unlocks, and it starts over once you complete the objectives. I love, hate, love that game.
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SmackToe  +   1021d ago

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