Eurogamer Reviews Gran Turismo 5 Prologue- '..11 Million Polygons Ahead, But We're 650 Cars Behind'

Doing things in high definition takes longer. We all know that. The average car in Gran Turismo 4 was made up of over 4,000 polygons. The figure for GT5 Prologue is meant to be higher than 200,000. Being pretty goes a long way, but with 71 cars and just six tracks (High Speed Ring, Daytona, Fuji Speedway, Eiger Nordwand from Gran Turismo HD Concept, Suzuka Circuit and a section of central London), it will have to go a very long way, right? That's not a lot of content, even when you factor in a second variation of each track. GT4 had 721 cars. GT5 Prologue launches in Europe with 71. We may be 11 million polygons ahead, but we're 650 cars behind

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decapitator3685d ago

Great score considering this is from EUROGAMER. I knew I would be getting this regardless of the review.

MikeGdaGod3685d ago

i think i'll wait for the full version

i never bought a GT game before so i think i'll wait for the full experience.

TriggerHappy3685d ago full of win. DO.Want.

mighty_douche3685d ago

Hmm... I like the box/disc art!

Give it 1/10, I'm still gonna buy it! Can't wait to get my hands on the real driving SIM.

ZackFair3685d ago

From EuroGamer, this is an incredible score.

PirateThom3685d ago

For comparison, Eurogamer gave Forza 2 a 9/10.

So, 8/10 isn't bad for a "demo" with 650 cars down.

Full game, 10/10?

decapitator3685d ago

Yeah agree with you. Too bad Forza 2 did not sell that well as it was a good game. Europeans love GT series though, so would not be surprised if this sold more than Forza 2.

mikeslemonade3685d ago

There's going to be more features that will definately increase the full game's score like rumble and damage.

PirateThom3685d ago

GT5P already has rumble.

I know this because I have the Japanese demo and a Dual Shock 3.

Perkel3685d ago

force feedback in this game in simulation mode is OMFG !!

(i bought yesterday G25 :D:D:D )

Best racing experience ever (not including rFactor)

I just love my BMW 1 :D S tysres

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The story is too old to be commented.