The Daily Five: Characters That Would Look Badass Next-Gen

"Every generation of gaming brings a new visual experience to gamers that improves upon the last. Through this, we get to experience characters we've grown to love like Lara Croft look newer and better than ever." - Velox

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Krimmson1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

Seeing how amazing Ryo's face looked in the Shenmue Passport disc on Dreamcast only teases how great Shenmue 3 would look if it was ever made.

hkgamer1731d ago

Have you ever tried hacking the game and putting passport models into the actual game?

Hozi1731d ago

My 5: Dart from Legend of Dragoon
Sydney or Ashley Riot from Vagrant Story
Mega Man
Samanosuke Akechii from Onimusha
Raziel from Soul Reaver

Mouktouk1731d ago

Seeing the transition from PSone to PS2, Raziel and Kain would definitely look badass next gen.
I'm still secretly hoping for a resurrection of the series.

Hozi1731d ago

Yeah, that is one title I will pick up if it comes out next Gen. I'm sick of the HD Ramakes...I want a fresh new story

ThanatosDMC1731d ago

Ashley Riot would be awesome since they left us hanging about what happened after he acquired dark powers.

Pillsbury11731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

We need shenmue 3!

The dreamcast was awesome and ahead of its time, I spent so many hours on PSO and shenmue. Those are great memories of gaming.

hkgamer1731d ago

ahead of its time just means stupid business decision and bad timing.

Everytime I hear/read the word shenmue just makes me want to pull out my DC and do a shenmue I&II marathon.

Shenmue 3 would be awesome, but if it did come out, I probably would never complete that game... Been playing shenmue for so many years and it would be too sad to see it end. :'(

ThanatosDMC1731d ago

Kiryu Kazuma stomping people's faces.

Amigaengine1731d ago

1. Shenmue 3
2. 3D Mario
3. Panzer Dragoon Saga

ichimaru1731d ago

Have never played panzer dragon but I hear nothing but good things about it

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