GTA 5: Brand new info coming next Thursday Want something to cheer you up on a dreary Friday? Grand Theft Auto 5 looks as if it's going to live up to the hype. The bad news? We can't tell you why until next week.

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matrixman921581d ago

in summary....its going to be a damn good week

TheLeapist1581d ago

Is anyone else getting tired of these announcements of announcements?

3-4-51580d ago

Yea nobody cares that your going to tell us that your going to tell us....

Just tell us already ! lol

WildArmed1580d ago

Yeah, this gen has been notorious of announcements of announcements. Sometimes we even get teasers of announcements of announcements lol (GTTV was notorious for that.)

Hydrolex1580d ago

Hm theres a bad news ?

What if it aint coming out for ps4 :( nooooo I cry

PRHB HYBRiiD1580d ago

It will probably come out for PS4 and next XBOX but maybe in 2014 along with the PC version :3 makes sense.

violents1580d ago

Fo sho! Either tell us or don't. Don't tell us you're going to tell us something.


Dee_911580d ago

lol devs can never win.One day everybody saying " ugh I wish they would tell us what they are planning" then the next day "dont tell use what your doing just do it ! "
Shut up & deal with it #adamorth

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US8F1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

You said it. Rockstar promised that they will push things forward when it comes to Open world Genre and I have no doubt. I mean look at every open world game they released, despite the fun factor, they kept on pushing it forward more and more.

Still, the biggest break through was from Gta 2 to GTA3. Here is hoping the break through would be close to the immensity of GTA 3


2d to 3d would be hard to top but I get your optimism.

vishmarx1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

great week up ahead 3 trailers for gta v+ beyond 30 min footage and im getting my galaxy s4 ....ohh and iron man 3!!
too bad no new games to play...

teedogg801581d ago

Soul Sacrifice...that's if you own a Vita.

vishmarx1581d ago

im actually waiting for the reviews to kick in...

US8F1580d ago


Where did you get the info that the trailers are going to be more than 30min of footage?

Mr_cheese1581d ago

I hate how excited I get at even the smallest GTA news :(

vishmarx1581d ago

i suppose you havent seen much of versus XIII fans

TopDudeMan1581d ago

I get excited whenever that game even gets mentioned. It reminds me that it isn't just something I dreamt up and it is actually real and they are still making it.

Mr_cheese1580d ago


I love that comment. Couldn't have put it into a better sentence.

Awesome_Gamer1580d ago

Why? That is a good thing, who doesn't like GTA?

Valenka1580d ago

Excellent! I'm excited to hear the news!

BigKev451580d ago

I want to know the new info now!! After 5 years since iv I guess I can wait another week.