PSU Theme of the Week - Beautiful Space

Created by Jewad Alnabi (aka Harbinger2020), Beautiful Space and Beautiful Space v2 are some of the best nature themes yet. Both of these themes showcase incredible wallpapers and feature glossy new icons, helping them separate from your basic themes.

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mighty_douche3556d ago

Nice.. I'll give these a download when i get home :)

Ace-Jury3556d ago

I wish you could set the theme settings to random so a different theme came up each time you turned the ps3 on.

hmmmm maybe one day

Alcohog3556d ago

Funny, I've had that moon picture as my background for months!

Qbanboi3556d ago

I had it for like 2 weeks. I changed it when the GOW:COO appeared on the PSN. I love that Theme.

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