Microsoft can outdo Sony with Xbox reveal

ArabicGamers writes:"Is Microsoft serious about games or is it turning the next Xbox into a fully-fledged entertainment machine? Will it have to be constantly connected to the internet to work properly? Can I play my old Xbox 360 games on it? What about used games, will they still work or are they being blocked completely? These are just a few of the questions Microsoft needs to answer during the next Xbox reveal in May. Failure to clarify these points would spell trouble for the platform holder, but Microsoft also has the chance to outshine Sony's PlayStation 4 event from February."

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pierce1580d ago

We need to find out an official release date and a price tag. Two very important things that Sony was wrong to leave out.

Godmars2901580d ago

Need to find out what the games are like. For the Xbox: how much will Kinect be made to figure and effect games.

sengoku1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

hell i'll be watching to find out..
it's possible but what i find to be of importance might be something totally different than what i'm gonna get.

Knight_Crawler1580d ago

I agree with you GodMars, games will be the deal breaker for me next gen but do you really belive that the 720 and the PS4 will be that much diffrent in terms of graphics?

The 360 and PS3 were pretty much on par this gen when you compare Uncharted and Gears or Alan Wake and Heavy Rain.

nukeitall1580d ago

I think to outdo Sony, MS will need to show more content and substance than specs.

Most people don't care or know what specs are. They are pointless, and we want to know what is in store for the "now" and the future.

I want the next Xbox (or any console for that matter) to be the only thing I need underneath my TV. One box to rule them all!

thechosenone1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

well considering it was just a minor showing I would expect MS to match what Sony showed off in NY...but the main event has yet to occur and that'll happen at E3 so will see if MS has enough product to show off by then.

Boody-Bandit1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

With Nintendo announcing they will not hold a press conference at E3 I think regardless of what MS does or does not show? The real showdown will be at E3. ALL eyes will be focused on those two (Sony & Microsoft) like never before since it's only them 2 going into details of how they plan on approaching and carrying out the next generation game plan.

I just hope MS keeps the door open for used and rental games. I will get one regardless just for Forza 5 but I am big on renting and reselling my games once they have run their course.

I wonder if MS will go into specific details (show the actual unit, release date and pricing) at the 5/21 event. I think they might show the unit but I would think they would save pricing and release date for E3. Either way May 21st can't get here soon enough. I'm ready for next gen!

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Godmars2901579d ago

" if they dont make my expitation."

Think you meant, "Don't meet my expectations."

And right now my expectations are that with all this talk of social gaming, nevermind the pre-existing trends towards first-person real-time, neither system will be as diverse as the PS1/PS2 were.

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sikbeta1579d ago

Lets be honest here... MS has America and UK on the bag at the least... so the biggest Market in the World + the biggest Market in Europe are MS Land...

JeffGUNZ1579d ago

I don't think we are going to see that many games until E3. I am sure MS will show a blockbuster title with the reveal, but like Sony, I think they are going to leave a lot for E3.

GuyThatPlaysGames1579d ago

@Godmars290 I hate to tell you, but I don't see Kinect evolving at all really. The audience for it just isn't there. It's just a gimmick just like PS3's Move.

@nukeitall Why just limit yourself to one system? That comment you made was just close-minded. Why not get both to experience the exclusives and content that both consoles have to offer? Why pick sides?

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dedicatedtogamers1580d ago

It really doesn't matter. Microsoft has the media on their side. If three years of Kinect isn't enough to get the major gaming publications (IGN, Gamespot, Game Informer, etc) to call Microsoft out on their obvious abandonment of their core fanbase, then it would take several more years of blundering with the NextBox before the media finally takes notice.

This isn't surprising. The media was as quiet as possible on the RRoD issue instead of campaigning for consumers' rights like they should have been. They were dead silent when Microsoft suddenly put an end to their "360 is the #1 JRPG system!" campaign. They were silent again when each and every "hardcore" Kinect game ended up being horrible.

fsfsxii1580d ago

Its really sad, i don't trust IGN or gamespot anymore since the RRoD fiasco.

SpringHeeledJack1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

Well said.

They also ignore the fact ps3 came out 12months later in america and 18months later in Europe and still have come second place this gen. Would it kill them to give a campaign of congrats to the ps3 like they do with xbox for the last 6years.

wquach1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

Oh lordy.

It doesn't just stop at those, add in Joystiq (Ludwig Kietzmann), Polygon, and even the non-gaming but gadget-focused sites like Engadget. You should've seen their podcasts nitpicking the PS4 announcement to shreds. Laughed at the entire thing really (the console not being shown was emphasized ad nauseam):

Engadget also shat their pants when they unveiled the Kinect in that fake promo video of the "possibilities" with the device.

Destructoid (including Jim Sterling) and Penny Arcade have called out Microsoft's trends before, including XBL's descent into an advertisement funland:

Ars Technica, I've found, also consistently reports well on both sides. Eurogamer, despite the flack it gets on here for their ratings, reports well with their Digital Foundry team:

But yea, we all have our preferences when it comes to gaming publications to read, and even certain authors.

With the PS4, it'll come down to its price and its launch to how the media will portray it, just as it did for the PS3 (remember those doom articles from the lack of games, high price tag, and poor launch? Those impressions echoed for years after).

If MS offers a subsidized, subscription-based pricing that will have the Next Box cheaper than the PS4, I feel like it'll be portrayed much more favorably to the press (they'll likely equate it to just another device you buy with a 2-year contract like your smartphone), even though the total price tag over that 1-2 year span would easily amount to more than paying higher from the start.

All of this is speculation though, so it'll be interesting to see what MS unveils. But the point is, MS knows how to work the media just as much as they know how to advertise their games (they're the best in the video game industry at it). Their conferences and showings have usually been given more slack and promise than what Sony shows.

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SpitFireAce851580d ago

You will find out the prices and release dates for
both consoles at E3...

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kingmushroom1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

Wrong!.it was actually a excellent idea because it creates interest, also if Ms releases price and date all eyes will be on sony for its Ps4 reveal and price.

i doubt we will get any date or price until E3 ( ill be there first hand to find out)

but what can i say fanboy have their own bias opinion.

Jdoki1580d ago

I agree kingmushroom. Keeping quiet on the launch and price is a good move.

If anyone remembers the classic 1995 E3 where Sega went in full of hype having already announced that the Saturn was going to rock the world at $399

And Steve Race of Sony basically took to the stage at their keynote, said something like "$299 bitches", dropped the mic on the floor, punched a Sega fanboy in the face, threw up a gansta sign, and walked off leaving the crowd stunned.

(That last part might not be 100% accurate).

kayoss1580d ago

Actually that was a true story. I can see that happening.

If Sony reveal everything during the announcement then they pretty much leave themself vulnerable to Microsoft. Smart move by not putting "all their eggs in one basket".

extermin8or1579d ago

plus then sony could go and undercut it or if sony had given us that info in feb, microsoft could have undercut it/released beforehand....

OrbitalBT1579d ago

sony already stated the console is aimed to be affordable in development and for consumers to purchase. it wouldn't make sense for sony to make it expensive at the last minute.

they already stated the amount of total Tflops, cores, and memory architecture the console will have. IF there's anything "price altering" it would be the HDD space they left out, a 500 GB model and a 1 TB model.

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Adva1580d ago

Because when Wii, wiiu, 3ds, Xbox, 360, Ps1,2,3,psp were revealed for the first time they were all given a release date with price.

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KwietStorm1580d ago

So from a business perspective, you know because Sony is in the business of making money, if Microsoft gives a price at their event, which Sony can now counter since they never gave PS4 a price, you're saying that's something they did wrong? Why are so many people treating these reveals like the end all be all of either console's information to be given? Are you really going to ignore E3 like that? Like there isn't several months before these things actually launch?

Blues Cowboy1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

I think they'd be mad to announce release date and pricing now. It'd give Sony and even Nintendo chance to undercut them or offer more features.pack-ins, or tweak their marketing campaigns.

They will probably show us what it looks like, though. I don't mind that Sony didn't show the PS4, but it does mean that we don't have something specific to think about when we hear "PlayStation 4," instead we just have a jumble of buzzwords.

3-4-51579d ago

The thing is though, Sony has had months of positive support now building to E3 and it's release date.

There will be less time to gain suppport for Microsoft.....They are a known name outside of gaming in the US so it shouldn't be too hard as long as they keep the controller 95% the same and introduce actual good games people want to play..

COD + Halo 5 can't be their only "good" reveals

punisher991579d ago

Nope. You are wrong. That was way too early for Sony to start talking about prices and solid release dates. That would have given microsoft too much leverage.

princejb1341579d ago

hardware is one thing but MS needs software something sony has always provided
hardware doesn't play itself after all

Mounce1579d ago

No, it means that if Microsoft show the price first in their 'May teaser', then Sony can CRUSH them if it's too high by showing the console itself, MORE games, a price tag for PS4 and more features that weren't shown.

Microsoft CAN Outdo Sony....maybe.....but the chance of it? Slim.

extermin8or1579d ago

more than likely they'll about match each other- i think the next xbox will have similar video/sharing features, which is probably something sony anticipated hence the february reveal of that stuff that way they can't be accused of copying :P

showtimefolks1579d ago


i will bet you anything that MS also won't announce a release date or price tag, also i don't think MS will show the actual box

for all the hate sony gotten for not showing the box or price, those things will get more attention at E3 from media.

sony showed games
MS needs to show games and not gears,halo,fable,forza something else

I really don't think both systems will be very different specs wise so games will be the deciding factor for many gamers

chaos-lockheart1579d ago

Words don't mean anything, actions do.

Gaming_Guru1579d ago

At: pierce

Why was Sony wrong for not telling people about the price tag and official release date at the beginning of 2013 if they could just easily tell everyone at E3?

All Sony did was tell people that the PS4 is real, here is a taste of what it can do, and what it will do, just about what an announcement should be like.