Divnich: PS4 Reveal Had No 'Material Impact' On Microsoft

NowGamer: "Microsoft has finally announced that the next Xbox is coming, but there was a distinct lack of interest from a large portion of our readers - had Sony's PS4 dulled the effect of the next Xbox announcement?

"Sony’s early announcement was a surprise to us all," said EEDAR's Jesse Divnich, "but I doubt it had any material impact on when Microsoft planned to announce their next hardware."

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GalacticEmpire1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

The Xbox 3 reveal is suffering from being second to announce, in that people were totally expecting it. Unlike the PS4 reveal announcement which came out of nowhere, I remember people didn't even know if it even would be the PS4, the speculation and hype went through the roof. So, being the second to announce is always going to make less of an impact.

MasterCornholio1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

Hey Listen!

I remember that right before the PS4s announcement people who claiming how the PS3 had a lot of life left in it and that we didn´t need a new generation of consoles. All that changed when Sony announced the date of the PS4 event which caused everyone to change their minds.

I wasnt expecting the PS4 to be unveiled so early. I was expecting it to be revealed at e3 with a release at the end of 2014.


Well it wont affect the hardware or the software for the PS4 at all because its a bit late to change any of that. However some of the features that Microsoft might announce for Live could go into PSN later on in the future. The same could happen with some new features that Sony announces for PSN.

GalacticEmpire1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

"All that changed when Sony announced the date of the PS4 event which caused everyone to change their minds."

You're right, the PS4 reveal was so well done that it changed a lot of peoples minds about next gen. They liked what they saw and now they're up for it.

@logic below - Read my comment again, you'll not my use of the words "a lot of peoples minds" as in a lot of people, not all. I would read carefully before criticising someone in the future.

As for explaining...

What difference do the launch dates make? We're talking about the announcements here. It's mostly to do with the element of surprise I guess, MS just don't have that anymore. People have already had a glimpse of next gen, the novelty will be worn thing by the time MS show thier hand.

LOGICWINS1855d ago

"They liked what they saw and now they're up for it"

You don't know what everyones reaction was. Unless your the Messiah and have the ability to be at all places at all times and hear everyones thoughts/feelings.
Some could have been positive, some could have been negative, and others could have been mixed.

Also, could u explain how Microsoft announcing second will have "less of an impact" when BOTH consoles are launching at the SAME time period?

zebramocha1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

@logic there is nothing Ms could better other than games to have a better conference than Sony.

@nuke only criticism I've seen is,them not showing what the console looks like.

Before the vita was launched the 3ds had a significant price cut.

LOGICWINS1855d ago

@zebra- I missed the memo that made you the mascot for all gamers in the known universe. I'm assuming your speaking for yourself no?

Muerte24941855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

I know you're trying to play "the voice of reason" card so your bubbles won't take a hit. But the general consensus from gamers and developers, remains very positive. The only negative attention is coming from xbox fans claiming to be PC gamers. People are going into Micorosoft's meeting with questions that need answers. Those rumors have hurt and need to be addressed.

Will this be Kinect focused? (kinect built in)

Can you assure the gamer that this is about games. (lack of core games at the end of xbox360 life span)

Will you still charge for xbox live to play online? (not being able to use Netflix,Hulu,ect without XBL GOLD)

Will the console be "Always-On"? (require a connection to combat piracy)

I feel that if even one of these aren't answered, then it will be seen as nothing but a failure. Also if they do plan to launch close together, than people are really going to have to choose. It will come down to America, because it's the last stand for the Xbox brand. Sony's dominance in both EU and JPN will guarantee Sony's lead. I feel America will be split. Microsoft doesn't have that year advantage they had last time. People actually have a choice this time around.

Playstation is a very strong brand associated with gaming. Time to draw your lines in the sand fellas. Pick a side.

2nd Lieutenant of Plastation 4 army lol

zebramocha1855d ago

@logic you're being a little up-tight about my comment,because how can Ms improve on social features that Sony showed?apps are most likely going to be even between the both of them,games are the only way Ms can wow people,pricing can be a factor but rumors seem to indicate a similar pricing between the two.

NewMonday1855d ago


MS showing 2nd and revealing a less powerful system(from rumors) will not get people excited. they need to pull some surprises, they know that and I'm sure they will do. I think they will show off some of the big exclusiv games they are saving for E3.

LOGICWINS1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

Zebra, u still haven't answered my question. Are you speaking for youself or are you speaking for all gamers? The answer will determine whether or not your worth arguing with.

@Muerte- Yes, being rational human being means I'm playing a "card" lol.

zebramocha1855d ago

@logic I don't know how my comment can be representative of all gamers be they Sony or Ms fans because nothing I wrote suggest I was speaking for everyone,unless your seeing what you want to see,I merely suggested it being difficult for Ms to show anything better other than games,social features apps and connectivity to the console would be similar between them.

NewMonday1855d ago

"I feel America will be split. Microsoft doesn't have that year advantage they had last time. People actually have a choice this time around"

true, even if the PS4 gets 40% and Durango gets 60% Sony will be happy because the PS4 will dominate in the rest of the world even more than the PS3 because of a quick launch and good price.

Salooh1855d ago

Disagrees coming from the people who changed their minds lol. Seriously why disagree when this is true ?..

djthechamp241855d ago

The ps3 got no fucking juice left man.

darthv721854d ago

I believe Sony made some comment a while ago that they wouldn't risk launching after Ms so it can be implied they would announce before Ms as well.

Here is the ironic part. The fans will never see the situation as anything other than a good thing. If Ms announced first, Sony fans would say Sony is saving the best for last. Sony announcing first, Sony fans say its getting the jump on Ms. Its a win win in their eyes either way.

Ms fans would feel the same if the situation was reversed. Neutral fans see it as one company announces and then the other has time to revise their announcement but overall it should be another good show.

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nukeitall1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

On the contrary, revealing second gives MS a chance to respond to the criticism Sony received and make a bigger impact.

It also let's MS formulate a strategy to combat Sony's presentation.

So there are benefits and cons to both and, in the grand scheme of it all, it is negligible. It is the final execution that matters.

Remember how the PS Vita was praised to high heavens while 3DS lauded as terrible, yet the complete reverse happened in the market.

Nintendo made a mistake, but executed well in the end and saved the 3DS fate while Sony has a bombed product on their hand so far.

That is reality versus fanboy hype. Reality always win!

MonkeyNinja1855d ago

"On the contrary, revealing second gives MS a chance to respond to the criticism Sony received and make a bigger impact."

What criticism?

Adva1855d ago

Of not showing the box? really? E3 is right around the corner.

GalacticEmpire1855d ago

You're right, of course that only holds true if MS manage to follow through and totally top the PS4 announcement, which is hard to believe for many atm.

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Urusernamesucks1855d ago

"The Xbox 3 reveal is suffering from being second to announce, in that people were totally expecting it."

not according to game stop surveys, no one outside the internet world is aware of the next box reveal, regardless of people like you and me who are expecting it, there are more of them than there are of us.

i remember when an amount of people on my school were getting hyped about the ps4...that was 3 months ago, that hype is pretty much gone. All Sony has left to fuel that hype is the showing the console itself.

Ms in the other hand has A TON OF CONTENT to reveal at e3 and probably will try not to keep people waiting and release the console asap.Because if you think about it there is nothing holding them back to the previous gen, no new game releases or nothing.

Sony did the mistake of realeasing two new exclusives this year ;TLOU and BTS which need breathing space to sell well, and releasing the ps4 as soon as them would make them suffer.

NobleTeam3601854d ago

How are they not aware? Their is a big ass add on the front of the Xbox dashboard and on the website and social media websites like facebook and twitter? Who isn't aware exactly?

Urusernamesucks1854d ago

Oh gee i.dont know maybe people Who dont turn on theyr consoles that often, theres alot of.people with.lives out there you know people who tend to loose theyr interest.

lilbroRx1854d ago

Wouldn't that be third?

Bigpappy1854d ago

The Xbox next event, will be just as well attended as the PS4 event, if not even more so. I think the PS4 supporters have succeeded in drawing lots of attention to the Xbox, due to the constants search for negative rumors and at times treating them as facts.

What all of this has done, is peaked a lot of interest as to whether the rumors will be proven true or false. It has only really succeeded in lowering expectations for the Xbox. So if M$ shows an evenly capable and supported console, it could low enthusiasm that was bit among many who thought PS4 was the greatest console ever. If the rumor prove true, some of it could hurt M$ if they don't show some ground breaking games and features Sony doesn't and can provide.

8 GIG of GDDR5 RAM sound really good, but it is really no better than DDR3 if the Graphics chips do not push the bandwidth. If Xbox next has a better Video chip and regular DDR3 RAM, it will out perform the PS4. So people really needed to calm down and wait and see what M$ reveals and not take the rumors as seriously as they did. M$ could fail to deliver, but trying to hard to predict that is careless at best.

showtimefolks1854d ago

Dear MS i would like to believe that but no y'all did have to scramble at the last moment to get it together since sony for the 1st time in a long time had a very smooth launch announcement

now there is big expections on May 21st make a great 1st impression like sony please, we need the old MS like the one in 2005 that cared about core gamers and were serious about competition

talk about the specs in detail
don't talk too much about kinect
show games
than out to rest the rumors of always online
show more games
talk about xblive reward program something like PSN:plus
and end it by showing more games

JeffGUNZ1854d ago

Scramble? Sony announced their PS4 on 2/20/12. It'll be 3 months after that date when MS announces theirs. That's not really scrambling. You'd have a point if this happened a few weeks after and they threw together a half-hazzard show, but it appears that this is going to be a huge event. being televised and what not. Those types of deals take time to establish. This was MS agenda the entire time as far as we know. I do agree the reveal needs to give a taste of hardcore games. I want to see one new IP for the reveal and several more for E3.

hiredhelp1854d ago

Firstly MS never gonna admit if they concerned about ps4.
Secondly doesn't matter if MS does have better system or the same for me it's about the games.
Sony has no Red tape to cut threw no classes no BS.
Sony will in courage innovation and support any of there studios and buy into new studios dev's when they see talent. Something MS skimps on.
Sony started off slow but look at them now huge fan base huge library games to boot.
There only other fault witch MS does well is advertisement but let's face it good games sell themselves however long takes.
Next gen has already been WON.

JeffGUNZ1854d ago

Come on. Good games sell themselves? No they don't. Advertising does. Look at the sales for Halo then compare them to Killzone. Look at the sales of Gears and compare them to Uncharted. Even away from numbers, look at it this way. Ask a random person who "Nate" is in the gaming world and see their response. Now ask that same person who "Master chief" is and see their response. Advertising moves merchandise, it's simple. You can't think in terms of you and I, as we follow gaming closely, so we know what games are coming. We are not the average markup of the gaming community, a lot of people have no idea about games like heavy rain. Sony needs to step it up with advertising and they will sell more games. Their games are great, so it would only benefit them.

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GodsPerfectK7ng1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

it could go either way bro!!!

yesmynameissumo1855d ago

As the Xbox reveal will have no impact on Sony.

yesmynameissumo1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

It's not a defense. It's a reality. If you think either company is sitting biting their nails over what the other is doing, you're either : a child or a fanboy whose personified Microsoft and Sony.

EDIT: I saw a comment that holds true from both sides of the fence...and responded (without saying "Sony doesn't care").

"See something you don't like, react in a way that makes you feel better about the situation."

That's in regards to your comment, right? Never mind. It has to be.

Count1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

It just seemed like a defensive response to me. See something you don't like, react in a way that makes you feel better about the situation.

In this case, saying Sony won't care either.

EDIT: Sure. Don't refute it, just spin it back at me. Whether or not you think I am projecting here doesn't change the reality. If you accept that this affects me, then how could you possibly think it hadn't affected you?

You're the one that reacted on a larger case by case basis.

It was pathetically obvious it would have no material impact on Microsoft. And it's pathetically obvious it won't have any material impact on Sony too. I never said you were wrong. I just said it seemed defensive to me.

Dee_911854d ago

actually you put sarcasm after "nice defense" implying its a bad defense not just a defensive comment like your claiming you meant..People use sarcasm so out of term on this site..
if its "pathetically obvious" that what yesmynameissumo said is true then its not being defensive its stating the reality of the situation.Point being your wrong :)

kenshiro1001855d ago

How is his comment a defense? Why should Sony be scared? Why should Microsoft be scared? They're competing for our wallets/and/or purses.

In the end gamers win. I have no problem with that.

joeorc1854d ago

exactly, it come's down to support for your platform you are releasing. Content is King, it really does not matter in the grand scheme who release when or at what time, other than can the company support the new platform with content over time that i will enjoy as a consumer of the product they release, and if Im happy at the software and service's they provide me.

And Since from my own experience none of the big three have let me down in the past, all three of the companies . Nintendo Microsoft and Sony have all provided me with good Software and services.

do I have a preference among the three, sure every Gamer has preference's to the type's of Game's they play. but it's not like there is no content from all three platform's that i cannot find enjoyment from.

All three has Software that i like, and sofar plenty of it.

so releasing later after another platform releases is of no real bother to me or my family because we end up getting it later anyway.

1854d ago
FrigidDARKNESS1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

The ps4 material was bland with games looking marginally better than the ps3. There is a reason why MS kept their cool and didn't panic to show there product.
@below you still going by those leaked specs from VGLeaks from a very early Durango dev kit. Since then VGleaks have updated the Durango specs.....dogs will hunt.

majiebeast1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

Microsoft is king of bland looking games so dont expect much, except for Pizzahut app 2.0 and another Halo!

Lol Infamous second son and KZ:SF look more then marginally better. The physics of Knack are a big step up from this gen on consoles.

You really think MS will do better with what is rumoured be a pretty big stepdown from the PS4 in terms of specs? You are dreaming.

Jek_Porkins1855d ago

Funny you bust out "another Halo", then mention another Infamous and Killzone game as counterpoints.

Anzil1855d ago

theres only been 2 infamous games and 3 killzones! halo is on its sixth game in the series!but i love halo lol

Root1854d ago



The third inFAMOUS game and 4th main Killzone game


The it will be the 8th Halo game when Halo 5 comes out. We've had two Killzone games this gen while Halo has had 5.

Come on the math

It's not like Sony relies on Killzone like MS do with Halo, least Sony has other types of games they put out alongside FPS like Killzone

Why o why1854d ago

New ips dude. People like them as much as they like old ips. Hint is the balance some gamers get over others.

We all know sony will bring new ips to the ps4 alongside its current ones. Just look at this year alone... 2 new full price ips and a couple psn ones...balance mate, not an over reliance on old ips alone

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GraveLord1855d ago

So you really think the XBox 720 specs are actually more powerful than the PS4? LMFAO.

PS4 reveal obviously has an impact on Microsoft as they've been forced to reveal before E3. They wanted to reveal this April but they wanted to show the console box to avoid the same complaints as the PS4.

LOGICWINS1855d ago

"So you really think the XBox 720 specs are actua more powerful than the PS4? LMFAO."

U have any insider info that indicates otherwise?