Rainbow Six Vegas 2 - Buying getting Confusing?

The release for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is only a few days away, have you pre-ordered your copy yet? Have you been searching for the best offer or deal? Are you now confused where to buy your copy?

The deals are starting to crop up making it harder and harder to decide who to go with come release day, and now retailers are offering exclusive offers making it very confusing which to choose.

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BLUR1113630d ago

who cares where or whom to buy it from. it's a must play!

Morrowater3630d ago

The codes to unlock the extra content will be posted shortly after the game comes out, So it doesn't really matter where I end up purchasing the game.

PsYcHoToE13630d ago

This is dumb, just play the game and unlock this stuff your self!!!

jinn3629d ago

im going with Frye Electronics