Spotlight on Far Cry 2

Totally360: "Every time I get a new PC rig, I have to load Far Cry up and see just how lush it still manages to look. Although the console versions that appeared subsequently were a bit naff, Ubisoft is keen to bury what's gone before and Far Cry 2 promises to be a very different kettle of fish."

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mighty_douche3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

I really can't wait for this game, but I don't care what anyone says including the developers, the console version will look nowhere as good as the PC, just the increase in resolution and AA makes a huge difference.
Sorry, im not suggesting the console version's will look bad, they wont, but they wont be anywhere near all the amazing footage/screens we've seen from the PC build.

Of course on a price/performance ratio, the console win everytime (i have to add that to help prevent to torrent of PC hate which will surely proceed this)

RuffRyder3689d ago

I think you have to be a stupid fanboy to think the console version can look as good as the PC version. heck i'll be impressed if they can achieve 720p on the consoles without down grading the graphics lol