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A Response To Anita Sarkeesian's Tropes Vs Women in Video Games

Here is an honest review of Anita Sarkeesian's Tropes Vs Women in Video Games.

We've all had our share of issues with Anita Sarkeesian's work leading up to the release of her Tropes vs. Women in Video Games series. DPW from Bag of Games goes deeper and analyzes the results. (Anita Sarkeesian, Industry)

MkaY  +   893d ago
Sadly, in the first Tropes vs. Women video she seems focused on simply identifying sexist imagery in games. That's not what I call insightful series.

Well written piece!
coolbeans  +   893d ago
To be fair, we shouldn't jump the gun on determining the series' insightful qualities outright just from the first video. Judging by what was covered, it seems like the clip's purpose was to be a basic feminist theory on games.
admiralvic  +   893d ago
When you get 100,000+ to start it, take 6 months to make one and then leave the second in limbo (or it was never posted here) for a month or so, I don't think anyone is jumping the gun.

With that amount of time / resources, we should have seen something more impressive than we got. Especially because she knows (as well as any thinking human) that no one is going to keep tuning in if you start with a cliched talk about tired concepts.
coolbeans  +   893d ago
So...because of arbitrary reasons regarding money, time, and 'we don't have part 2 yet' it's not jumping the gun to determine a series of over ten videos (am I right?) is a complete wash for any possibly insightful commentary because of the appetizer dish being so basic?
mushroomwig  +   893d ago
$158,922 raised from a $6,000 goal to make a series of videos, I still can't get over that. I'm not sure what's worse, the fact that she needed $6,000 to begin with or the fact that people gave her so much.
admiralvic  +   893d ago
The 6,000 to begin with, since I can't imagine what about this requires cash past the camera / internet, which she had prior.
MoveTheGlow  +   893d ago
Considering it doesn't look like she gathered a lot of intel from within the industry (something we haven't already heard), I don't get it either.
Flavor  +   893d ago
It's called 'hustling suckers out of their money'. It's how the American economy works.

She appealed to the lowest common denominator with a collie-faced call to the white knight impulse prevalent among social outcasts/sexually inadequate types, then raked in the money, producing a video which looks like it took twenty minutes to make.
mopground  +   893d ago
this is true. people were starting to call her out in her comment section and she would have no response to accusations/ valid points which is why her videos now have the comments disabled
adorie  +   893d ago
Agreed. Also, I was trying to click to hit her, but, to no avail...
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Dno  +   893d ago
I am soooo getting sick of this sexiest shit. please get the sand out of your vag. dont like the product don't but it.

Why do i have to look at the rock in every movie with his shirt off? how come no one bitches about the man with perfect bodies showing that shit off. theres sexiest both ways just men dont care.
Count  +   893d ago
I like how The Rock was your example of eye candy for females.
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MoveTheGlow  +   893d ago
Because every time you watch a movie, it's The Rock. Don't worry, it's the best Michael Bay movie of all time! "Losers go home and complain about their best. Winners go home and..."
cleft5  +   893d ago
You make a valid point, but when you add stuff like, get the sand out of your vag you ruin that point.

What you point out gets to the true issue which is gender discrimination. When a woman gets discriminate against because of her gender the real problem is that a person was discriminated against because of their gender.

This is a subset of discrimination in general. What you have a lot of people doing right now is taking a subset of gender discrimination and only focusing on the issue as it affects women. If a man makes a complaint about suffering from gender discrimination, especially if he is a white male, than it is said that he is taking away from the real issue or that there are other places for man to have their issues addressed. It would never be tolerated for a man to say that to a woman, but apparently the opposite is okay.

This in itself is actually extremely sexist, but it gets passed off as being valid because it is sexism against a man. The example you gave with the Rock is a great one. But how about when Naughty Dog claimed that Nathan Drake was the "every man." What man do you know looks like Nathan Drake? Men suffer gender discrimination as much as women do but in a different way. Thank about how hard it is for a man to get sole custody over his child, particularly if it's a girl, simply because he is a man.

Gender discrimination is very real and it isn't right for discrimination against men to be overlooked. Until the true issue of gender discrimination is addressed there will be no end to discrimination against women or men because of their gender.
adorie  +   893d ago
Gender discrimination doesn't belong in games. It's non-topic.

This isn't humans, this is bits and bytes, ones and zeroes. Get off your crap and play some games to have fun. You want to change something? become an activist for womens rights and take a look at the crap going on in other states where rape victims have less rights than the rapist. That's a real topic, not this. Not sexism in video games. Lmao.

There is worse shit going on in this world than that of big booobed CGI tits or overly volumptuous butts.

Humans looking like a lesser species with every idiotic article like this and others like it.
jeeves86  +   893d ago
Wow, what an insightful comment you have written. /s.
Anthotis  +   893d ago
This woman is scum.

Bros Before Hos
MoveTheGlow  +   893d ago
The real trouble with the first video is that it's far too basic. She tells the stories of how these games fit the damsel in distress trope (or cliché) but just doesn't get deep enough into the "why," she barely scrapes the "what." If you've got such a budget to get this done, there has to be someone you could talk to about why Fox was subbed in for Crystal. Some offhand comment someone heard in a board room or something, not just "She was female, and suddenly it was a highly monetizable mascot. Sexism!" Maybe she will jump into this in later videos, but how about a bit about target demographics and why Nintendo hadn't pursued many female leads in the past? Something about the Japanese market? I dunno, maybe I'm just spoiled reading stuff from Critical Distance's lists every week, but while the production was nice, it boiled down to a lot of pattern recognition without much reason. TVTropes with less substance, I guess.

This article's relatively balanced about it, which is pretty much all you can ask for in responses to Sarkeesian since the denigration/veneration paradigm got started around the Kickstarter campaign.
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ifritAlkhemyst  +   893d ago
I still can't get over how much she looks like the guy from Two and a Half Men
Skate-AK  +   893d ago
Haha I didn't even see that until you mentioned it. She does look a little like Allen.

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