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The Top 5 Franchises I Want On Vita

Kevin O'Donnell, last week, told us about what the Vita's needs. Now he tells us what he WANTS! Here are 5 franchises he'd love to see hit the PlayStation Vita. (PS Vita)

sherimae2413  +   737d ago
well for me my 5 franchises i want for ps vita is..

-elder scrolls/fallout (just any of these 2)
-monster hunter (well it drive sales, and fit very well for vita)
-final fantasy (not a remake, maybe a sequel to type-0 would be fine)
-uncharted (i love drake he's cute, though i want the more mature one^_^)
-gta (though i dont play gta, the vita still needs it)
AnotherProGamer  +   737d ago
I would love to see more RPG especially JRPGS like a remake of The Legend of Dragoon
kevinodonnell91  +   737d ago
I agree, rpgs on the go could be great
ToZanarkand86  +   737d ago
I want it!!!
imXify  +   737d ago
The Vita's potiential is just enormous !

- CoD Vita already has a big install base compared to the CoD on WiiU so I want another one, but this time a REAL CoD.

- GTA was best seller on PS2/PS3 and was best seller on the PSP. Repeat the scenario Sony. A playstation console is nothing without his GTA.

And then there's other games I want like Sonic, Need for Speed, Gran Turismo and etc.
ApolloTheBoss  +   737d ago
Mirror's Edge on Vita would look absolutely incredible.
ThanatosDMC  +   737d ago
Yakuza series
Suikoden 3
Front Mission 4 and 5
Monster Hunter Online
Torchlight 2
pain777pas  +   737d ago
I like this list and agree with every single one ESPECIALLY the number one. Without ME, UC, Bioshock, Rockstar and Elder scrolls series' this gen would not be epic. Honorable mention goes to Rocksteady with Arkhum games and Sucker punch with the Infamous series.
Mouktouk  +   737d ago
I'd love a comeback of Patapon and LocoRoco on Vita. Those were awesome games on PSP and I sincerely believe the Playstation Vita can offer new gameplay opportunities.

But Mirror's Edge would be great too. The iOS version is pretty sweet and shows there's still room for touch controls on that kind of games (even if I would prefer a 3D version like on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360).
porkChop  +   737d ago
For me it would be:

1. Elder Scrolls/Fallout (side story, not a port)
2. Grand Theft Auto
3. Final Fantasy (old style with overworld)
4. Demon's Souls (port, sequel, or side story)
5. Mass Effect (side story, not a port)

Mirror's Edge would be awesome too. I'd take a port, sequel, side story, whatever.
boybato  +   737d ago
metal gear
metal gear
metal gear
metal gear
metal gear
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   736d ago
I would like to see another Dissdia.
Quagmire  +   736d ago
Pursuit Force

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