Beautiful 16bit 'Snes-style' RPG "The Princess' Heart " Is Now Available

DSOGaming writes: "I really loved all those classic Snes RPGs. You know, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy, Secret of Mana, etc. And I’m happy to report that RosePortal Games has released a new 16bit RPG for the PC called The Princess’ Heart, an RPG that offers 30+ hours of gameplay and features 10 unique playable characters, as well as a world that can be explored."

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jakerocheleau1851d ago

Everything about this looks amazing. I still feel SNES is my favorite game console because the graphics, music, and controls are just simple. They work, and they're fun too. I hope more game developers will continue building stuff like this and keep the flame alive.

john21851d ago

I really miss those isometric RPGs. Ah, nostalgia

MonkeyNinja1851d ago

I hope OUYA comes out with games like this. Indies have been making some really good old-school JRPGs lately, and OUYA would be perfect for them. Especially considering it's only $99.

Mystickay861851d ago

Maybe i'll get it, since SNES JRPG brought incredible games like chrono trigger, FF, Super mario rpg

john21851d ago

The game's main site provides a trial version that lasts one hour. Pretty good to see whether it is worth your time ;)