PS3 MMO could rival Warcraft, says Sony

President of Sony Online Entertainment John Smedley has claimed that the PS3 can one day host an MMO game to rival the popularity of World Of Warcraft.

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Lifendz3501d ago

rival WoW how? In terms of gameplay and fun or in terms of $$$. I think the latter would be near impossible. I do, however, commend Sony for trying to give us an MMO. Keep the innovation coming Sony but be easy on making the bold declarations like this.

Keowrath3501d ago

I reckon they could in terms of content but I started my MMORPG life on EQ and am still playing (rarely) EQ2 so I'm biased.

WoW is easily accesible by the masses but in my opinion, that's all it's got going for it. It was way too easy (although EQ2 had it's moments) great for people to pick up and play but for anyone who's played a tougher MMO, it just seemed too simplistic.

Sadly though if Sony want to challenge WoW, I think they're going to need to go down the same route.

Feihc Retsam3501d ago

Talk about a soft statement...
SONY COULD drop the price of the PS3 to remain competitive.
MGS4 COULD go to the Xbox360
Phil Harrison COULD look like a burn patient...

But, in the end, all that matters is what WILL be, not what COULD be... This article is just a hit generator.

mighty_douche3501d ago

Nice positive attitude there, like it....

poos33501d ago

HAHAHAHAHA AT KEOWRATH wow is easy ??? hahahahaha you were a noob in wow i guess no offense but go and clear black temple or the eye and call it easy ppl that played wow willl tell u there is no game harder than wow 40 people working together to kill a boss that liek a chess game is hard if ppl f up ull never succed in wow hard game i cleared black temple with my old guild method

gonzopia3501d ago

I totally agree with you. The "could" is imperative there. I have no doubt the PS3 will start hosting some MMO's, and quite possibly some of them could even be really good. The chances, however, that one of them would dethrone WoW is pretty slim I think. I'm of the mind that if Age Of Conan can't dethrone WoW, the only other IP that stands a chance is Star Wars, and not in it's current form in the hands of SOE.

Keowrath3501d ago

Yeah, it's easy compared to the original EQ.

Pain3500d ago

WoW is "MMO with training weels" that can be played on Most junk PC's and is easy for the kids.

To think that a SOE game can beat or come close is Beliveable for few reasons:
1# Console's are cheaper.
2# user base can Help Huge ,look at "Phantasy star universe on 360"
3# Convenience on Console >>>PC anyday less to worry about, upgrading and so forth.
4# Online fee's much easers to pay for with PSN/XBLA points >>>credit Cards.
(yes Wow has those cards but they always sold out ALWAYS)
5# WOW is Not everyone's cup of tea, mabey they like sci-fi
6# if it was new FF online lol goodnight WOW, ( yea fanboyish lol but i want back in ><)

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Skerj3501d ago

It's really not that hard to beat WoW in gameplay MMO wise but that depends on what you're after. Personally I still play EVE online (kinda obligated to anyway) and that offers an experience to me that WoW never will.

Where WoW succeeds though is that it's VERY easy to get into for the uninitiated and that's how Blizzard hooks them and why they have over 10mil subscribers. If SOE can strike that balance, they might snag a few mil users.

The Agency looks very interesting and fresh but I don't think that's going to be their "WoW" rival. I'm looking at Ramayan 3392AD for that.

WIIIS13501d ago

Sony, Sony, Sony.

One baby step first before trying to fly... let's see Home first shall we?

Skerj3501d ago

Not really a baby step considering they entered the MMO game before Blizzard did.

PirateThom3501d ago

Do you even know how long SOE have been making MMO games for?

Home isn't even being made by SOE.

WIIIS13501d ago

SOE has made MMOs for PS? Sorry I didn't realize PSN was that capable.

PirateThom3501d ago

Yes, EverQuest Online Adventures for the PS2.

PSN is a more than capable service, it's a very good service.

Keowrath3501d ago

Everquest OLA and (although not actually Sony) Final Fantasy XI both ran on the PS2. You might wanna do a little research next time.

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mighty_douche3501d ago

Nice to see them going down different routes with the PS3, they really do seem to want to tick the box for every genre with a top title.

I'm personally not a fan of MMO's, i like my games to have a story to them, and the idea of a subscription makes me feel sick, if sony dont implement that, i'll be more than happy to give it a look.

adalwolfe3501d ago

Out of all the companies to challenge WOW..

Don't get me wrong, they came up with the original everquest. Which although was not very innovative, made everything better at its time. Since then though WOW has pummelled every mmorpg sony put out:
EQ 2
pirates of the burning sea
the matrix online

Even if you combine them all you wouldn't have a fraction of the WOW playerbase..

If sony were more interested in building enjoyable games rather then drawn out boring games (so they could make more money with subscriptions) they may have a chance. But judging by the games that they released even the new ones on the ps3 (really short with limited replayability/online play - so you get bored of it and buy the next game that comes out) I doubt sony will change the way it will develope its games since it is now more of a machine pumping out game templates rather then anything innovative.. I highly doubt they would be able to compete with WOW.

mighty_douche3501d ago

So your saying Sony isnt inovative?? muhahahaha....

Keowrath3501d ago

What did WoW do that was innovative? Apart from drop the skill level so 5 year olds can play it? =)

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