Dear kotaku its not the violence that ruins the game, its the whole combat system

In God Mode editor criticizes Bioshock Infinite and mainstream gaming media for losing it's focus.

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JAM_brz1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

We already have politicians to get worried about violence in games. All we DON'T need its the game media to get worried about that too.

Really? Can't they noticed this is a GAME? And a game its not REAL?

FriedGoat1696d ago

So it's fine for the US Government to come in and take out a dictator and kill loads of innocent people in real life. But in a world of make believe its not ok. Thats cool... /s

HarryMasonHerpderp1696d ago

The thing is Bioshock has always been violent.
Why care now?
As for the combat system in Infinite, I'm not really a fan to be honest. I found it extremely dated and an afterthought to everything else.

3-4-51696d ago

because it gets this person attention and for 1 day people pay attention to his dumb website.

JasonXS121696d ago

I didn't care to read ALL the article due the fact that the writer clearly doesn't know what he is talking about. Violence in Bioshock is fine but accusing the combat system to be bad is just plain stupid without backing your ideals properly. Claiming that having only 2 weapons equipped is laziness? This employs people to change weapons according to the situation as well as vigors which can also play a role.
"How are Handymen made and who is Songbird? We don’t know, but we had to put them since BioShock had Big Daddies and Big Sisters."
Songbird has a backstory and plays a role in the game, not as a replacement for Big Daddy. Handymen also have a backstory to how they are created.

Can't be bothered with more, this article is stupid.

Rooks007821696d ago

If you actually finish the article, instead of being a butthurt fanboy, you would see he backed all his complaints with facts from the game. Whether you agree or not is one thing but the fact that you stopped when you saw a different opinion says it all. I totally agree that Infinite is a dumbed down retread and its highest points are more important in comparison to movies than a game, which should value gameplay above all else. COD:Infinite was not the Bioshock sequel the franchise deserved but play to the masses and you will make beacoup bucks.

gigoran1696d ago

Wait, someone actually took Kotaku seriously? Dude... they hired a horse called Patricia to mess up major reviews. Enough said. They are the biggest joke to internet journalism. To call them mildly retarded would be a compliment.

g2gshow1696d ago

it's easy to say what's missing or what should be done when you'r the one on the side line's or in the crowd not doing sh** just another squirrel chasing someone els's nuts. since you know all about good combat go make you'r owen game

i'll wait ..............

matgrowcott1696d ago

"And with that single comment, the world learnt that nobody is allowed an opinion on anything they're not directly involved with, and thus it came that there was never another bad thing said about a product again."

- The Life and Times of g2gshow, 2230

InTheLab1696d ago

The author is 100% correct. I've been saying it since release. The combat in Bioshock Infinite is the worst thing about Infinite and the weakest of all 3 Bioshocks. The two weapon limit is lazy and there are too many cloned weapons. Upgrades are lame stat increases. The environmental hazards in this gamer are just as lazy as the 2 weapon limit. The gameplay has been dumbed down, plain and simple.

@the eventual superfan that will tell me to play it on 1999...

Cranking the difficulty up does not solve any of the issues with the game. You'll still have crap weapons, pointless vigors, the weapon limit, etc. You just end up with a slightly more challenging shooting gallery.

Rooks007821696d ago

Amen. With as high as my expectations were for this title I can't see another game being released this year that deserves my worst game of the year award. It is so far beneath what the predecessors set up it is shameful. Worst purchase I've made in years.

Pozzle1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

My main problem with the gameplay was the whole "throw waves upon waves of bullet-sponges with the AI of a brain-damaged puppy at the player" element. Maybe if the AI was a little smarter and more tactical, I wouldn't have minded so much. But most of the enemies just ran at me while shooting madly, and never responded to the fact that I was shooting at them. I think maybe one or two snipers ran away when I aimed my gun at them, but most of the time I'd shoot at them and they'd still keep running towards me, completely unfazed by the fact that they were being riddled with bullets. I hate the whole "throw waves of gunmen at me" element that has become popular in shooters, because it just feels like the game doesn't want me to progress too fast, so it keeps throwing groups of dumb AI at me to slow me down.

Not to mention, the entire Elizabeth-can-open-tears thing was so horribly underused in the story. After travelling through a couple of tears in the middle of the game (during the Chen Lin subplot) and seeing the timeline get more and more fucked up, I was excited to see how the tears would further be utilized as the story went on. But it never happened. Instead there were a bunch of "open a tear to get a health kit" or "open a tear to get a gun" in gameplay...which was pretty silly, because those items should have been there to begin with. Making them "alternate dimension health kits" and "alternate dimension guns" doesn't make the gameplay any more interesting or unique. Because in the end, they're still just bloody health kits and guns!

InTheLab1696d ago

Yeah...that bit with Elizabeth and Booker discussing who's going to kill Comstock was prime example of what's wrong with the game's gameplay and why I believe Irrational forgot to build a game around their story.

She has this power and all she's really good for is being an ammo mule and lock picker. All of the ideas they had a few E3s ago...gone.

All that would have been only slightly disappointing if they would have brought back the basics from Bioshock 1 and 2. The tactical gameplay has been replace with CoD style mindless shooting, and that is unacceptable.

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