Dragon's Crown - Elf gameplay video

Atlus Japan has released another video for the upcoming Dragon's Crown.
This time they show off the Elf class and her skill set.

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j-blaze1857d ago

my favorite character so far :)

r211856d ago

Agreed on that, she looks awesome :D Will be using her as my main when i get the game on vita.

yeahokchief1857d ago

i like the dwarf the best so far

N4GCB1856d ago

George Kamitani would like you, no one requested promotional art for the Dwarf and that saddened him.

It's good to see someone likes him.

FamilyGuy1856d ago

The Dwarf is a total bad ass

DEEBO1856d ago

i love the art style for this reminds me of golden axe but on steroid's.

N4GCB1856d ago

I think she's really cute, and she looks like she controls well as well. I'll actually get this game now that I know you can move around like that.

strigoi8141856d ago

i just hope they have a male version /female version of each class..