'FIFA 14' debuts Global Scouting Network

Die-hard “FIFA” fans can spend hours upon hours in career mode, tinkering with their lineups to put the perfect squad on the polygonal pitch. “FIFA 14” enhances the experience with its Global Scouting Network, as EA Sports attempts to add elements of professional scouting services into its video game.

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obesq1877d ago

personally , i dont care about this shit they did, i just hope its a brand new fifa soccer all over again

US8F1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Have you seen the previews, and press release?

It's the same engine, added small changes but given big names like "PURE SHOT" and " NEW SCOUTING NETWORK". If you played their soccer games of late you will know what happened with FIFA 11,12, and 13, they all had the same bugs, and the same gameplay, more Arcadey. It will take you one l month to go through and get used to the bells and whistles, then you will feel like playing the same souless game. Expect 90% recycled content.

Here is hoping Konami pushes them far this year with their fox engine powered PES 2014

pompombrum1877d ago

What he said.. like Fifa 12 and 13, this will probably continue the trend of making the game worse and worse. Fifa peaked at 10 and while 11 was still marginally better, 12 started the trend of releasing half baked features like the impact engine.

It's all gimmicks from EA these days.. pure shot, what a load of bollocks that sounds.

Myst-Vearn1877d ago

you keep bashing FIFA and praising the next PES

seriously dude do you work for Konami?

stop advertizing the "Fox Engine" as if its the second coming wait until we see some gameplay from the next PES before wetting your ****

FIFA games are not "the same" play FIFA 10 and then FIFA 13 and tell me if they are the same, the physics, shooting, defending etc all changed a lot.

iistuii1877d ago

Sorry mate, ive loved PES over the years, but it'll take more than a new engine to get that back to where it used to be.

US8F1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

LOL @lena

You accuse me of being a konami worker just because I'm raising awareness to the new "fox engine powered PES 2014". The only reason Fifa become successful is because it had no competition. Konami did a half ass job on current gen, and even though each game is immensely different, all of them, to me, they all sucked.

EA's lack of competition made them lazier. Have you played Career mod for 10 years? Ultimate team? league table after 11 years in career mode? 57 games played and the last place team has 47 points!? For a soccer game that comes out yearly, and as a fan of soccer, I want a game to keep me occupied until the next game comes a long, but i keep going back to PES 6 time and time again, on the ps2. How old is that game again?

EA got it right when they advanced their engine, but they keep on adding bells and whistles but don't address the main problem in the game, like game play. Don't fix what is not broken but their game play IS BROKEN. try switching to the defensive player nearest the ball in career mode year 7 onwards and tell me how hard it is to do so. Year 9, expect 10 players against your 11 and one invisible player, who is a ghost that takes the ball from you all the time because you don't know where he is.

Now I own Fifa 11,12, and 13. I never mentioned FIFA 10, because i saw the difference. I agree it was night and day but would you say the same to 11 onwards? I doubt it.

Like I said, EA got it right when they brought out a new engine and Konami will get it right when they bring in their new engine. Read the EDGE magazine article online and tell me what you think.Even though it is no press release like FIFA's, it is bringing more to the table than EA when it comes to innovation from 2013 - 2014 game. would i still continue playing FIFA 2013? hell yes!. I just want a franchise to go forward, is that too much to ask?

If this forwardness is what your looking for "lena" when it comes to FIFA games then all power to you, but I want more, and not settling for less anymore. My hopes are up for Konami to push soccer forward so FIFA WOULD FEEL PRESSURED to really put an effort on their yearly franchises.

Myst-Vearn1877d ago

You are hilarious. You admit PES has sucked this entire gen and yet still think they will get it right just because of a fancy new engine..sure whatever you say "US8F"

at least EA TRY and add more features to each FIFA unlike Konami who experiments with each PES so much making them all feel like a beta

US8F1877d ago


You said it yourself, Konami keeps on experimenting because they know that that engine is not cutting it, and they try a different route. But you also admit that they keep on changing the WHOLE GAME to try to get it right, EVERY YEAR. if they can do that much to a game yearly with 56 people (at the time), and EA has more than 700 people working on their FIFA franchise, surely there is something lacking there, don't you think? Alas, Konami hired 200 more people to work on the game and they had access to the fox engine, ever since 2009,optimizing it to run soccer games.

Now i always mention fox engine because it is a scalable engine. Did you see Kojima GDC confrence? He said that this engine is for current gen, next gen, and future gen. Have you seen the level of quality and quantity in that engine.

Konami overhauls their PES game every year, now give them 2 years+ to make a proper game with a decent engine, and watch the **** out.

Last bubble


Myst-Vearn1877d ago

we will see I guess it's not like I am against PES going back to being great, but after the last few iterations I have lost a bit of faith. the Fox engine may have lots of potential but will the PES team know how to utilize it properly and make a great football game? it's all about HOW you use the engine.

TAURUS-5551877d ago

as long as PES doesnt support 11 v 11 online...thres no chance they can get closer to FIFA.

FIFAs 11 v 11 is the best thing ever ¡¡¡

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TAURUS-5551877d ago

me neither, who cares about this scouting shit ? no one. all we want is a flawless online experience and realistic impact, passes, AI, etc.

anticlimax1877d ago

If you're into scouting players, finding rare gems to transfer and diving into tactics, you'll play football manager. All fifa needs to do is be fun to play with your friends.

stubbed_out1877d ago

What an incredible feature, the advanced search feature we've had for god knows how with scouting!

Agreed with all of the above, just a load of gimmicks with the same bugs. Now give me a menu system that doesn't want me to shoot myself.

iistuii1877d ago

How i love this site. Everyone thinks its cool to hate anything popular, & Fifa is a massively popular title especially in Europe. I think its 2nd to COD on every platform as most played/purchased game selling over 12 million in the first 3 months. Now we all agree it could just have a patch each year like every sports title to be honest, but its called business, & they have a great game that just needs a touch up each year until the new console when they will then change the game engine i expect. But i like millions of others who play it every day will look forward to the next game.

pompombrum1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

I don't hate on Fifa because it's popular, I hate on fifa because they aren't improving it yearly. Fifa 13 they barely even touched it up, impact engine is almost as bad as before with players regularly running into each other, keepers still constantly parry simple saves to a strikers feet for a simple tap in, refs are still crap. Now worse yet, we have first touch which when it works it's great when it doesn't work (the ball bouncing off a stationary defender from a simple 2 yard pass straight to the opposition) it's really frustrating. If they actually touched up the game and worked on the areas which needs attention alongside the gimmicky fancy named features like pure shot, I'd more than happy.

I also like millions of others, play it almost every day but it doesn't change the fact that it needs some serious improvements. Just look at the defending, 4 at the back, 2 holding midfielders, ultra defensive.. hold A - GG you now have an impenetrable wall. It's time EA invest some serious resources into fifa so it's ready for the next generation because the current engine just doesn't cut it for me tbh.

Baka-akaB1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

It's like fifa fans accuses PES fans of being blinded by faith ... only to do the same .

FIfa 13 had plenty issues that werent even there in 12 , and for no reason while adding very little .

it's ok to love and prefer it , but just like with PES , messages do need to be sent when the dev grows complacent and lazy

iistuii1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

I have not had hardly any of what you mentioned. Unless you mean smashing a 2 yard pass to a defender with a poor first touch & expecting him to control it like Messi, I've never played anyone with a defense i couldn't score against, of course i have been defeated without scoring, but that wasn't down to any impenetrable defense, more my not taking my chances or good goalkeeping. I cant find much fault with this years game, we will just have to disagree. I keep trying to get into PES as i used to love that series, but thats an example how a game can go if its messed about with too much.

@Baka, Im too old to be blinded by faith mate, if i didnt enjoy it, i wouldnt play it anymore, like PES for example. Im just happy with the game & enjoy it, no blind faith here.

Baka-akaB1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Wich is why i dont think i'll get fifa 14 , unless i'm wrong and it actually bring interesting things and fixes stuff .

the 2013 edition was for me very buggy , both offline and online , the AI quite awful , the interface laggy as hell , especially when it tries to access online intel .

Of course i still enjoyed playing it for a while , i still wanted a football game this year , and PES 13 while for once being actually good , i didnt feel like rewarding baffling decisions like removing features and the awkward online .

However i still felt that Fifa 13 was pretty much the 2012 with better collision yet many more bugs and issues .

In the upcoming season , two possibilities are in sight for me , at least so far :

- PES 14 being actually great , if the shift to the new engine is well done .

- Or no reverting back to fifa by default , no football game for the season .