Activision reveals new COD4 SKU

MCV are reporting that Activision has announced Call of Duty 4: Game of the Year edition, which will be released in April.

The new game will feature the full COD4 game, as well as a token for use on Xbox Live, which will allow gamers to download the upcoming map pack.

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boodybandit3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

take it on the chin yet again.
So to entice sales further they are giving away the maps for free but to the people that made COD4 the most popular shooter this year? Get out your wallets because the map pack is coming and it's not free for you!

I love being micro transaction to death this gen. What a wonderful thing.

Hey IW how about fixing the game instead of worrying about making even more money first?

Ghoul3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

why is it that gamers are best at moaning and whining

(sorry for caps but)
dont wanna pay for maps DONT buy it
allready own cod4 and only want the maps JUST buy the mappack NOT the game of the year edition
dont wanna support DLC DONT buy it

but please stop DEMANDING stuff for free, if you get free maps its nice but not STANDARD.

jeez none of you moan about paying for gas, buying mp3's for your mp3 player, new rims for your cars, a new belt for your trousers, dvds for your player, booz for your sparetime. Want new content ? pay for it, wanna stick with the main game dont pay for it

its not that hard you know

All that whining about a developer making money ....
if you work at a great team offering mostly 12 hours a day to deliver YOU guys a great game and new maps after the first months passed, i sure as hell want to be paid for it, make money with it to make even more games and money in the future, dont you ?

Ghoul3723d ago


lost a bubble and got disagrees for just for saying that you pay for stuff ?

nice :) n4g is a funny place

poopface13723d ago

I gave you one cause your right. If anyone DESERVES to charge for new maps its IW. While I would prefer them to release some maps for free(so they can add these to all playlists) I dont mind paying for some. The only thing is I wish there were some free ones so they could integrate them into all game types instead of having certian gametypes for people who buy them, and then ones for the people without them. But who knows IW probaly found some smart way around that. Also they dont really need to entice more people to buy this game as its still selling like crazy.

Ghoul3723d ago


totally agree

i totally support free maps but people shouldnt complain if they charge for it. if so dont buy easy as that thats all im saying

i want free maps too

poopface13723d ago

IS THAT WEVE BEEN PLAYING IT FOR 5 MONTHS NOW. Honestly COD4 is one of the few games Id buy extra content for. I bet even if we all knew that this "better version" wzs comming out we still would have bought the game long ago. I hope we get some free maps cause that would alienate some people and make matchmaking harder thatn it should be, but more cod maps are worth 5-10 dollars to me.

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ScottEFresh3723d ago

Well said. Instead of a GoTY edition how about I get a patch first? And I Really hope the map pack isn't a lot of money. Early adopters are getting screwed here...not cool.

Nevers3723d ago

with how broken IW made the gameplay with their last patch. They gave us lotsa cool things but the LAG now is really really bad. Please IW... FIX IT... or buying the mappacks won't even be an issue for me cuz I'll just move on to the next game.

... and yeah I love how the gamers this generation, who support the games from the beginning, tend to get the shaft if another version is released. GotY editions with extra content should proly be priced accordlingly... say $10 more instead of the $5 less that they usually are.

MrWonderful3723d ago

is this only for the 360?

Bengoshi-San3723d ago

Somewhere along the line, Activision seems to have forgotten that their software has also sold really well on the Playstation 3. Why is the XBOX360 getting special treatment on things like this? Makes no sense.

borgome3723d ago

because xbox live is a huge community with millions of people, hundreds of thousands of those people play Cod4 online. Playstation online consists of a millions of people most of which play crappy Japanese style games.

princejb1343723d ago

it looks like its for 360 only
why would they leave the ps3 version out unless they also have something special to announce soon for the ps3 version
maybe something different than the 360 version

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