Fist of the North Star ONLINE Screenshots

The first screenshots of Fist of the North Star ONLINE have arrived, showing off the game's artistic graphics and detailed characters.

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mighty_douche3689d ago

LOL... i didnt even know this was in production!

Anyone else ever play the arcade game where you had to actually punch the little pads in time?

riskbreaker763689d ago

got another one for ya...remember the beat'em'up for PS1? in order to finish off the boss of each level, you needed to enter the correct sequence of button/direction presses. it was basically like the God of War special kill moves now except back then it was more similar to the way DDR was in the sequences. that was a great game. still have my import!

spandexxking3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

OMG! please dont suck. fist of the north star is so good

riskbreaker763689d ago

i assume this is PC? japan only? release date? game details available or just screenshots for now?

and yeah, i remember the arcade game w/ the punch pads. it was AWESOME!!!

GrimWarrior3689d ago

I just knew of this game too.

The Manga is one of my favorites,, the anime as well.

but where is Ken?!? :P

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