Wii U Update Video Speed Test Head-to-Head

GameXplain: "Join us as we compare the latest Wii U system update head-to-head in a speed test to find out how much faster it is! We compare the load times of a bunch of screens, like Miiverse, the browser, and more!"

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lilbroRx1793d ago

Didn't Nintendo already demonstrate this themselves?

guitarded771793d ago

Yes, but this post let me know the update is live so I can patch mine, so it served some purpose. :D

Nevers0ft1793d ago

To Nintendo's credit I actually think they may have downplayed the speed improvement a little in their video. Pretty much everything seems a little bit snappier.

Nice one Nintendo, thanks... Now get back to making some damned games! :)

Divine1793d ago

they're still doing updates and things?? lol

BeZdaBest1793d ago

yea just like there did a update for the vita last week or the upcoming update for the ps3...

what kind of reason is that....

still doing updates..lmao

Divine1793d ago

i was only talking about wii u they should just stop selling them . . . ok im joking.i just cant be so ignorant

Ravenor1793d ago

You're about as subtle as a car crash.

iplay1up21793d ago

I just did another Update for my PS3 last night, So your point is?

Divine1792d ago

absolutely no one is understanding what i was trying to say of-course every freaking system updates i just updated my ps3 and vita the other day. all i was trying to say was that wii u is garbage

young7yang1793d ago

I wander if it fixes framerate issues in certain launch games like batman or darksiders 2

Neonridr1793d ago

doubt it, those would be up to the developer to release game updates. A firmware update is not going to suddenly optimize poorly written code.

lilbroRx1793d ago

You can't patch a console to fix game. How a game runs depends on how the developer makes it.

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The story is too old to be commented.