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Could Nintendo Skipping an E3 Conference Result in Suicide?

The Electronic Entertainment Expo is arguably the biggest and most important event in the video game industry. It is the time and place where companies from everywhere come together to display their new upcoming titles for the following year. It is also traditionally the place where new gaming consoles are demoed and shown off to impress not only investors and industry professionals, but consumers who look forward to checking out the latest games from all three major console platforms. Yet there is a hint of change in the air, one that has led to some very weird and confusing actions from one “dinosaur company” of the gaming industry. That company is Nintendo. (3DS, E3, Nintendo, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 2, Wii, Wii U)

CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   704d ago
IF your eyes are Graphic-bigots, you need "Present-Play-tion!"
Nintendo never said that they weren't going to be at E3. They are just going from

Presentations to Present-Play-tions.

They are going to force all of the E3 people to play the games before they start with their "Polygons Count=More Fun" or "PhotoRealism=More Fun" Bull-Breath.

Last E3 People looking at NintendoLand and some looking at ZombiU ("looks like PS360") gave the game bad impressions to the public.

But if you read the Hands-On reports after E3, ALMOST ALL of them were Good.
They said how fun each of those games were TO PLAY not TO LOOK AT.

Nintendo's current focus is (New) Gameplay Fun not best looks. You can't always tell that it is fun until you've played it esp. if your eyes are Graphic-bigots.
LOL_WUT  +   704d ago
^ Oh my total damage control. Chill out dude ;)
live2play  +   704d ago
xD funny thing though

people say nintendo will get forgotten and tossed aside

seems to me the only one getting all the attention is nintendo. any publicity is good publicity.

and 99% of gamers see e3 online....which is whats going to happen during e3

nintendo directs are a gold mine
all games and reveals. no sales, no graphs, no "celebrities" doing bad jokes, no boring execs talking... ALL GAMES.

so im happy. and nintendo is still gonna be at e3 in the show floor with boths, just not presenting
miyamoto  +   703d ago
I don't think Ninty has the face to show themselves at E3 because the HD games are not ready.

The past two Wii U E3 showings were disasters for Nintendo at any angle you see it.

Footage from PS3 made games, 2011 CGI Zelda with no update on 2012, HD remastered filler games galore, mixed reception, plummeting stock market shares, etc

So it makes sense for them to not repeat them the 3rd time around specially when their bodies are STILL not ready to show HD games.
Root  +   704d ago
It's all about graphics?

Funny how Knack was Sony's first game to show off at their PS4 event.

Face it man, Nintendo have went off the rails....why do people keep spinning this. How are they supposed to learn from their mistakes if their loyal die hard fans keep blindly defending them. Yeah they might be at E3 still but a massive conference is a big deal because of the exposure. Bayonetta 2, Mario Kart U, Super Smash Bros U, Retro Studios new game, Zelda U, Xenoblade 2 etc all deserve a big conference, these games are surley going to be lost in Sony's and Microsoft's next gen focused shows and the hype
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CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   704d ago
& ABOUT KNACK: (see 3rd Point)
1st Who said that they wouldn't Get their showing and that they wouldn't get shown?

-The lack of a Presentation does not mean that they won't be Presented to the Press. They have said many times that they are just experimenting with a new way.

-If you are honest with all of the reactions that Nintendo's Press Conference received last year I think you may come to understand why they can do without.

2nd) I am talking about the Graphics over the totality of the whole show. WiiU vs PS4 vs 720.

3rd) Knack was the about Graphics too. Don't you remember Havok's Tech Demo about how many objects the PS4 can render in 3D?

Hmmm....Why didn't you find that (Knack's ability to render a million Objects at once with full effects) impressive? Was it the graphics? I guess its like when Nintendo showed off LoZ: Wind Waker and everybody thought that the Cell-shading graphics sucked- not realizing that it is a little harder to do Technically.

I rest my case your honor.
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BitbyDeath  +   704d ago
The presentations are the only part people can see if they do not physically attend.

That is the problem.
Trunkz Jr  +   704d ago
It's not suicide it's smart.

This year all the hype is PS4/720, what does Nintendo have? Nothing. Just Games, not that this is a bad thing but its just easier for them to show it off beforehand then let people play them on the floor.
Droidanomix  +   704d ago
"They said how fun each of those games were TO PLAY not TO LOOK AT"
Well I prefer to have both which is why I will not be getting a wii u.
whamlollypop7  +   704d ago
Hopefully for the author
majiebeast  +   704d ago
To your response i can only say.

Related image(s)
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Root  +   704d ago
It jumped up a notch
MadMen  +   704d ago
The Wii U is suicide, they have already made that move.

Seriously if you can sit there and convince yourself the Wii U is a success you gave serious brand loyalty issues.
Theyellowflash30  +   704d ago
It's not about brand loyalty. It's about games. People like Nintendo for their exclusive games.

I remember the same shit was said for the 3DS as well. Then more games came out.... and it shut all the guys like you up.
Theyellowflash30  +   704d ago
By the way, this is a horrible, troll baiting, article. The author is a joke of a writer, and needs to focus on original content to get people to come to his site. Not troll bait.
Romudeth  +   704d ago
Yeah I'm definitely worried about Nintendo in the next gen.
WiiUsauce  +   704d ago
don't be.
Super Smash Bros. IV on top of that, Fire Emblem X Shin Megami Tensei, Bayonetta 2, Super Mario Galaxy 3, HD Mario Kart, and so much more. Nintendo's Wii U will be an amazing machine with a slew of great content 2 years from now.
opinska  +   703d ago
Mario Mario Mario...
Theyellowflash30  +   697d ago
@ opinska

Halo halo halo uncharted uncharted uncharted, shooter shooter shooter,
DarkBlood  +   704d ago
Only Time Will tell, im not exactly concerned for nintendo as there is not anything to be alarmed about regarding this in my opinion.
colonel179  +   704d ago
No it won't. They have great games to announce but they will only do it differently. Still, for people not going to E3 it doesn't matter as we still going to watch videos of announcements (whether it's like Nintendo Direct, or special video like Konami did last year). If you are attending E3, most likely you will get to get hands on on some if not most of the games announced.

Actually, it could be better, since they can actually show full trailers and gameplay videos which might be impossible during a conference due to a time limit.

In my opinion it will be fine and if there are good announcements, Nintendo will still shine.
danitanzo  +   704d ago
Is playing my wii u going to kill me or something? Or will it just commit suicide and then I have to use something else to play games...
BeZdaBest  +   704d ago
look another negtive nintendo article..

no they arent going to lose all their money an die off just because they arent going to e3..

there most likely going to have a whole bunch of nintendo directs before & during e3.. if not ill be worried..
Agent_hitman  +   704d ago
Nintendo is not going anywhere, they're there since the Gaming began.
KillrateOmega  +   704d ago
Could Nintendo Skipping an E3 Conference Result in Suicide?
I doubt that it would necessarily result in 'suicide', but it definitely wouldn't be beneficial.

They just need to get their act together. When the head of the company says that they could have done better, then you know that they've been hurting...
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tweet75  +   704d ago
all i really care about is announcements and reveals at the shows and mostly the stuff in between i hated. id rather they did a focused reveal session without all the fluff.
Jagsrock  +   703d ago
Truth is E3 shows have become less relevant over the years and even a little lame. In my opinion if Nintendo can still deliver with their announcements and new game reveals, not having a big fancy show won't hurt them. They will be getting their message across to the people in the business who mater and they will still keep the public informed through their own events. Not being restricted by holding back for the "big presentation" will allow for them to let loose info as they please and even cause a stir before E3 even starts. E3 may be a big deal for a lot of the people who visit this site daily but for the average gamer who just checks up every now and then it's not. They will still get all the news they need to know regardless of if they watch it or not, I mean if Nintendo makes some big announcement about the next super smash bros it's going to be on virtually every gaming site there is so not having a presentation isn't going to really take away from that.
GABRIEL1030  +   703d ago
Electronic Entertainment Expo is the olimpics games to the gaming industry. Skip the E3 wasn't Nintendo decision was from Iwata ( now this man named himself CEO of NoA), he want to replace a big event with small advertising called: Nintendo direct. the bad Iwata decisions are driving to Mario to the Ipad or the Xbox. :(

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