New FFXIII and Versus XIII footage at PS Premiere

This year's PS Premiere event is said to have new footage of Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII:

· There will be a 3-4~ minutes video showing a three men party fighting at a plain region.
· The battle scene camera will make you get motion sickness according to the original poster.
· The final design of Final Fantasy Versus XIII's antagonist will finally be revealed, apparently he has a long gold or white hair.

There is still no indication if the trailers will be released to the public or remain private to visitors of the event.

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superman3721d ago

At least a japanese release date would be nice

Lifendz3721d ago

they really should do the localization simultaneously though. With the RPG market being so big in the U.S. and UK, there's no reason we should have to wait the extra year.

TheHater3721d ago

So the Playstation premier is in May right? Why do it have to be so long away.

nix3721d ago

so far... and so fa fa away! ):

mighty_douche3721d ago

2 months wait, and i BET it's closed to the public again...

Maybe we'll be lucky and we might get one crap still from a camera phone :(

TheHater3721d ago

well that crap from a camera phone is still better than nothing.

Aleusia3721d ago

Hey, weren't they supposed to reveal the Versus guy's name last month? What ever happened to that?

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The story is too old to be commented.