Star Trek on PC is broken as f*ck

The latest Star Trek release has its fair share of problems -- chief among them being that it's kind of boring -- but PC users are in for an altogether more shocking problem. The online co-op, arguably the entire point of the game, simply does not work.

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codename131882d ago

Never cared about this game. Usually the games that has "The Video Game" in their title, always suck. These are just cheap tie-in games.

Quagmire1882d ago

Gotta give the developers some credit for being ambitious. This wasnt meant to be a quick cash-grab tie in. Its meant to link the first and second movies together in video game format.

ErzaScarlet1882d ago

I never knew that there's a Star trek game out there.. My bad.

But honestly, I'm not interested in this game either.

Ravenor1882d ago

Almost no one in the press got this game pre release, take from that what you will.

Martywren1882d ago

The only star trek game thats good is star trek online

Pintheshadows1882d ago

There are some older games as well but in modern times I agree.

1882d ago