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According to myth, Pandora was given a jar (or box if you will) that contained all of the evils of the world - including hope - and instructed by Zeus and told never to open it. But, she was also give the "gift" of curiosity, and so ultimately did. She unleashed upon the world all that was contained inside but not before closing it, sealing in hope. The "evils" were represented as guile, envy, vanity and the like. But, what if they were actually the creatures of old? When Pandora shut her box, could she have saved mankind from being overrun by the mythical animals that once inhabited the world?

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Brixxer6003752d ago

Sounds good, this is one i'm looking forward to. It doesn't have to be ground breaking, sometimes all an fps needs are enemies that you want to fight, werewolves, minotaur, griffin, etc etc, bring em on.