Call of Duty: Ghosts - What we know and what we want

GamesRadar - We all knew it was coming. The Call of Duty series hasn't missed a beat with its annual releases, and Activision wasn't about to skip a year now. Box art for Call of Duty: Ghosts has been leaked and it looks like it might be legit, revealing that developer Infinity Ward is dropping the Modern Warfare title and could possibly be starting a new storyline altogether.

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JoGam1106d ago

We dont want the same old stuff cod brings. We want new game play. with a name like ghost, need to be more stealth action rather than run and gunning.

The_Infected1105d ago

That's and dedicated servers because the lag sucks.

SpitFireAce851105d ago

I cant believe you got disagrees for
wanting dedicated servers..and some new stuff

The_Infected1104d ago

It always happens. The disagree fairies are always watching you:(

garlotch1105d ago

A youtuber leaked this information to me already from an extremely reliable source, he said COD:Ghosts are dropping the MW title, and are going to make the movement more creative, and the gameplay-environments (aka:maps) are going to be more realistic, similar to the maps of Battle Field 3, with deteriorating structures. I think that it is also a legit leak that will turn the tables of COD and leave Trey Arch in the dust!

jdktech20101105d ago

They're gonna use the same engine that IW does for the next not really.

joab7771105d ago

No. Treyarch will b up next year. And the original leak mentioned next gen only. I think this is to drive hardware sales. But its risky too b/c the base won't be there. So it isn't gonna shatter any records.

There's supposed to be dynamic startup screens like breaking through a wall or jumping from a helo. Also dolphin diving is gone and replaced by some type of dodge mechanic. U can peek around corners too. There's supposed to ne limited destruction.

I hav always wondered why they don't do day/night cycles or rain and snow to change it up.

ErzaScarlet1105d ago

Is this a sequel for Black ops 2? or Modern Warfare 3?.

Krew_921105d ago

At this point no one knows really.

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garlotch1104d ago

@Erzascarlet No to both, it is going to be a brand new storyline, backcground and theme! Futuristic like, similar in some ways to bo2