Lost Planet 3 is repositioning the franchise for mainstream success (interview)

VB - I find myself in the minority when it comes to Lost Planet 2. It had issues, especially at launch, and it had one hell of a learning curve, but once I got passed that I found myself constantly marveling at how incredibly deep the game was.

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majiebeast1464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

Do you know who else is going for mainstream succes, EA and Insomniac with Fuse. Lost Planet 3 can keep them company in the bargain bin.

DarkBlood1463d ago

i Thought the title was canned since it was unannounced lol

Divine1463d ago

lost planet was always one of my fav shooters it was interesting but i just never got too much into it. hope i'll try this time

Donnieboi1464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

Lol look at that picture hahahaha!

Bathyj1463d ago

Is that Raising Arizona?
Great movie. Holly Hunter is smoking.

WeAreLegion1463d ago

Lost Planet 2 already tried that... -_-

Then again, stranger things have happened. Devil May Cry and FarCry both came back to own their respective genres after a poor second outing.

Also, if Nic Cage is in this, I'll get it. No questions asked.

rezzah1463d ago

LP2 was great, it just lacked a good story.

Loved that coop, if Capcom can do anything right it's coop.

first1NFANTRY1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

Even mr. cage won't be able to save this turd from failure, this gen has been the worst gen in gaming history. Halfed ass ports, online passes and hardcore IP's going mainstream to make a quick buck. wish it would just end already. bring on the next gen.

BiggCMan1463d ago

I tend to agree with this, but do you really think the next generation, which is nearly here, will change a whole lot?

Online passes will remain, because even the people that don't like them, buy the damn games anyways, as most people are not smart enough to do things like boycott and open their mouths.

Those once hardcore IP's will remain mainstream, and DLC will continue to take away from our full game experiences.

The only thing that MAY change, is the half-assed ports, but I can't be certain depending on 2 things. The difference in hardware between PS4 and Xbox 3, and if developers are ever willing to put equal effort into separate versions of games.

Chapter111463d ago

Go play Legendary the Box and Turning Point Fall of Liberty (Spark Unlimited other games this gen) and tell me how excited you are then. Them saying "position for mainstream success" is a huge red flag itself.

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