The Perfect Console?

Since the beginning of home gaming, consumers have wanted something bigger and better than whatever was currently on the market. It's only natural to expect technology to improve over time, and while Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii are all more advanced than their predecessors they are far from the ideal gaming machine.

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SeNiLe9113535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

The only thing I see wrong is A/V output: Playstation 3 has HDMI output standard, meaning it looks the best on your HDTV without much effort. Perfect Console pick - PS3

The Xbox 360 NOW has it standard and it's been some time so to be fair it should read:

A/V output: Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 both have HDMI output standard, meaning it looks the best on your HDTV without much effort. Perfect Console pick - PS3/Xbox 360

If only the three company's came together to make the perfect console...

PirateThom3535d ago

I think it means "every model of PS3 has HDMI as standard" wheras Microsoft said it wasn't a necessity, so didn't include it on about 70% of consoles.

bigman73873535d ago

360 still has models out in the hands of consumers that don't have HDMI. PS3 from launch has has HDMI standard.

mikeslemonade3535d ago

You have to look at it in all aspects. If the "ultra" system followed the 360 then it would launch with a sku that was only component and a year later there would be a new sku with HDMI. Whereas PS3 launched with HDMI, so every customer is at the same level no matter if you bought the system day 1 or a year later.

JsonHenry3535d ago

I want the 360's GPU with PS3's Rambus RAM in a unified architecture like the 360 has, the 360's CPU (easier for devs to code for), the 360's hardware scaler, the PS3's hard-drive, the PS3's HDMI standard output, the Wii's control scheme, and the PS3's free internet, with the 360's online support and matchmaking/friends network.

Now THAT is the dream system of our time.

Of course all either of the two heavy hitters had to do was add and extra 128-256 megs of system of RAM. But the tight-wads instead choked the devs abilities beyond belief.

So for me, the PC is the way to go right now. Maybe when Acer launches a console we will finally see what a console should be.

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Noodlecup3535d ago

this generation I've owned all 3 consoles and I feel the PS3 is more than adequate for the perfect console pick. Once Home and in-game XMB is available it's a wrap, also they say the 360 has the best library but IMO it doesn't offer enough variety and the variety it does offer is somewhat mediocre, not to mention it's been out a full year longer (why wouldn't it have a larger library?)

ukilnme3535d ago

The Perfect Console would end all the bickering between Playstation and Xbox fans. Imagine a time when the only thing that mattered in the gaming world was gaming. Too much for some of you to grasp?

PirateThom3535d ago

Even though the perfect console was already released, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, it still didn't stop Sega from trying to rival it.

SL1M DADDY3535d ago

No, it would not stop Xbox fans and PS3 fans from bickering. It would only introduce yet another fan to the bickering. In gaming, there will always be a fan of one system that feels the need to argue with others.

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The story is too old to be commented.