‘Dragon Age 3: Inquisition’ E3 2013 trailer teased

The E3 2013 trailer may have been teased by Bioware’s Chase Boyajian for the upcoming multiplatform role-playing video game, “Dragon Age 3: Inquisition.”

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KingKelloggTheWH1787d ago

Hope its like origins but with gameplay like dragons dogma/demons souls.

Also nothing like da2..

goku323591787d ago

More like Origins, less like DA2 means day 1 buy for me. I LOVED origins.

Salooh1787d ago

Just the story. New gameplay is necessary. Origin gameplay boring like hell.

anticlimax1787d ago

I loved Origins as well, and the gameplay in particular. I don't need any sort of sped up-action-y button mashing combo-combat. There are enough of those games being made.

Tactical, thought-through realtime with pause. That's what a true successor to Origins needs!

raiden-491787d ago

I would love that.
Got to say that Bioware had much more work to do when they made da2 and EA punched the crap out of that.

Truehellfire1787d ago

Agreed. More like Origins and less like DA2. Dragon Age 2 on its own wasn't too bad, but compared to Origins it was complete crap. So many problems with what should have been an excellent game. I am hoping Bioware has learned from there mistakes and fixes everything they ruined. I am glad to see that they are using Frostbite 3. While the engine from DA2 was okay, Frostbite will be much better.

Pintheshadows1787d ago

I couldn't of said it better myself. I didn't mind DA2 in parts as just a game but when compared to Origins it was several steps down from a gameplay and story perspective.

And visually it was very ugly for its time considering it was effectively a linear RPG. I'd expect more from Bioware. And I haven't mentioned the writing at all which was pretty abysmal.

I_live_4_fun1787d ago

Totally agree. I remember playing Dragon's Dogma for the first time and thinking if this gameplay was mixed with the Dragon Age: Origins story then it'd a perfect a game :)

KingKelloggTheWH1787d ago

I think it it would be amzing if its gameplay was like Ddgoma with a little more heft like Dsouls.

And story just like Da:o,they need the old writers/story team back.

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Lucreto1787d ago

I was also expecting it as Microsofts confrence but E3 is even better.

cleft51787d ago

Bioware please don't fuck this up.

aLiEnViSiToR1787d ago

They won't... but EA will :[

TopDudeMan1787d ago

I didn't expect the dragon age inquisition...

coolbeans1787d ago

Given that we've had the RPG equivalent of the Iron Maiden with DA2, it's been upon gamers for quite some time.

Hydralysk1787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

[Flying Circus Mode: On]

*Leaps out of doorway*


Greyslash1787d ago

This is one game I probably wont buy until its bargained binned. EA has turned Bioware sour, and I know for a fact this will not be the great game DA 1 is.

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