How to Set Up Remote Downloads for PS3 and PS Vita

The feature that we expected to see in May has now officially gone live and you can now take advantage of remote downloads from the PlayStation Online Store. - PSLS

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ftwrthtx1793d ago

Pretty cool feature. You can use remote play to start the downloads as well if you are set up for it.

Wedge191793d ago

Awesome, I could have used this yesterday to download God Mode, but good to know it's there for the future/..

SonyPS41793d ago

What would be cool is to be able to download the games on your PC and then transfer them over to your PS3 on a USB drive. PS3ProxyServer is giving me problems for some reason with downloading games onto my PC. My college has ultra-fast internet, but at home my internet is like dial-up in comparison.

killcycle1793d ago

They don't want people having the games raw because of piracy. So they won't let you do that.

SonyPS41793d ago

With heavy-duty encryption that can only be decrypted on a PS3 connected to the PSN I don't see piracy too much an issue.

a_bro1793d ago

"With heavy-duty encryption that can only be decrypted on a PS3 connected to the PSN I don't see piracy too much an issue."

ask that to pirates, they'll laugh at you. Sorry, rather they keep their games on strictly between PSN and the consoles....

hkgamer1793d ago

I'm pretty sure that hackers could just get the PS3 HDD and find the raw files there anyway.

A little off-topic, does PS3 download speeds depend on your internet connection or are the download speeds capped to a certain speed.

I have a 50meg connection speed but downloads are really really slow even with a wired connection.

dantesparda1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )


i dont know about at 50megabits download speed, but i have 10megabits and it downloads at full speed

MasterCornholio1793d ago

And I have a 100MB internet connection and everything downloads extremely fast for me. I played tons of games online and I never ran into any connection issues.

Motorola RAZR i

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Sharius1793d ago

this will become handy, i have ps+ and my ps3/vita alway in sleep mode, and thw biggest problem that those guy in SCEA alway update the store when im at work, now problem sovled

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