Printing Miiverse – The Real Life Art Gallery Showcasing Printed Miiverse Art

From the very first day the system launched, the Wii U has been flooded with a wide variety of hand drawn art. No special tools required – just your Wii U Gamepad and stylus.

Nintendo fans are about as passionate as they come, and Miiverse has become an amazing tool for Wii U owners to showcase their artistic talent. One particular group of fans has formed an online community...

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Snookies121884d ago

That's a mighty fine Peach... Mmmm peaches... Sorry, I'm hungry. :\

R00bot1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Yew Zockrates! Good job!
(Zockrates is the leader of printing miiverse and I sometimes talk to him on

zockrates1881d ago

Here is the link to the LIVESTREAM of the show: kernuernberg

A TEASER is already uploaded - enjoy!!!!