Xbox 720: What We Would Like to See

Ahead of the next Xbox being announced on 21 May, here are five things it would be great to see from the new console.

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cl19831726d ago

While I agree the kinect isn't for everybody, watching my nieces and nephew play their games with them is quite enjoyable.

RuleofOne343 1726d ago

Plus it tires them out, helps put them to bed early without the consist nagging about staying awake a bit longer . trust me that device is great by me .

Ken221726d ago

If that happens you easily just turn their crap off.Not that hard and send them off to bed.

Tapioca Cold1726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

So you would like to see more Kinect? Right on witwicky343, and cl1983 may your wish be granted.

RuleofOne343 1726d ago

Hey I have kids if Xbox has something for them to enjoy , am going to be a dad and go get it . Side note Xbox is the prefered console in our house & supported.

@ken trying not to be a RICHARD like my dad,beside if you think about it how much fighting can an individual put up when tired.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1726d ago

Games! Games! Games! That's all folks:)

We maybe some other things as long as we get games first and foremost.

hellvaguy1726d ago

I would bet 1 million dollars that next gen consoles will have games.

VersaVulture891726d ago

The most important question is will they show games at the reveal or will the event only be about the console.

1nsaint1726d ago

Besides the games, what i would like to see is mod support (like steam workshop)

Probably wont happen, for any console, but in my opinion that would be a killer feature.

Dont care much for kinect, alltough it was pretty fun when we played some games at a friends house, seeing everyone make a fool out of them selfs :p

If the kinect is mandatory, i hope they dont over do it, like wii did for some of its games requiring to use the motion controls

Knight_Crawler1726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

I feel Microsoft and Sony are making a grave error by omitting 4k support output - as prices of display panels are always going down I expect every other family to be able to pick up a big 4k TV for about 1.8K in 2 years or less. Hence they will take a big hit because of this or have to release a revised version of the XBOX and PS4 which does support 4k.

With fibre infrastructure rapidly rolling out in developed nations I expect 4k video streaming services to be widely available in 3 years time from today. Even Australia's gonna be all wired up, whilst this XBOX and PS4 won't be able to output such video streams in 4k.

They pulled this off with 720p and not supporting 1080p to this day, but I am afraid this time, time won't be as forgiving. There has been a rapid shift towards high DPI displays on all devices, we already have >1080p phones and tablets and releasing a console that only outputs a max of 1080p in 2014 is nuts.

Edit: At people saying that 4k tv's are too expensive and wont be mainstream anytime soon - Seiki has already announced they are releasing a 50" 4K TV for $1500 in the next few months. 4k is going to come faster than 1080p did.

Edit 2: The PS4 will not do 4k output just input.

NegativeCreepWA1726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

Yeah, because Blu rays don't look good enough as is, and so many games are already running at 60 fps while displaying 1080p already. (note sarcasm)

I say lets actually worry about running at those specs, before worrying about lowering frame rates trying to do 4k.

MonkeyNinja1726d ago

PS4 does support 4k output:


If the PS4 supported 4K res for games, either the games would look like @ss or the PS4 would cost a whole lot more to accommodate the price of the required video card.

Crazay1726d ago

who cares? the whole 500 people in North America who have the ability to run 4K? Big deal for the average consumer at this point in the game.

MonkeyNinja1726d ago

True, not many people own 4k TV. But what about in 4-5 yrs? Plus, Sony sells TVs. 4k TVs. So it makes sense for them to at least support 4k output.

GamersRulz1726d ago

PS4 will support 4K movies, what are you talking about?

hellvaguy1726d ago

Think he meant 4k games, not movies. But I mean, that's not going to happen this gen because only the latest desktops ($1500-2000+) can handle those resolutions for gaming.

Tapioca Cold1726d ago

I would like to see the rumours go away.

I would also like to see a the poor gaming journalists go away too.

Killzoner991726d ago ShowReplies(2)
NegativeCreepWA1726d ago

A Bluray drive and specs to compete with the PS4.

NegativeCreepWA1726d ago

Sorry, I meant a eight track drive and specs to match the Wii U.

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