How an Always-Online Console Will Happen

Rumours and speculation are abound whether or not the new Xbox will always be online. PSU debates why it makes perfect sense for it to be exactly that, and why it doesn't make sense for Sony to follow in Microsoft's footsteps.

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SH1ELD1823d ago

Connect it to the Ethernet cable before the power cord cable .

Godmars2901823d ago

We already have always online consoles, ones which need an internet connection to be fully functional, but its another thing entirely to make no accommodation for when they're offline. To make physical copies of games you buy and even downloaded titles you've supposedly outright bought not work.

GamersRulz1823d ago

Which consoles are you talking about? because I don't remember any requiring online to function.

Godmars2901823d ago

No offense, but are you dense or just trolling?

All consoles, the Wii, 360 and PS3, have online features. There are games now, physical and DL, which are worthless w/o internet access. But what's going to happen come the next cycle is going to be worse.

And its going to happen on all consoles, even if it'll only be certain games at first.

GamersRulz1823d ago

I said there is no consoles that REQUIRE online to FUNCTION, I didn't hook up my PS3 to the internet for almost half of its life, that didn't prevent me from enjoying games at all.

Godmars2901823d ago

You still get more out of a connected than unconnected system. Updates patches and DLC even if the last is frequently abused.

Hell, all have been abused. With games often being rushed out so that they need day-one patches.

JackBNimble1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

It sounds like you're dense Godmars...

Hell, I don't even need an online connection to play most games on steam or Origin. You sure as hell don't need one with this gen of consoles, and it would be a bad idea if you need one with next gen consoles.

Edit: it's one thing to have online only games, but it's an entirely different thing to have an online only console.

Jek_Porkins1823d ago

The console makers wont force it on us per say, what is going to happen is they might leave it up to developers to implement it if they so choose. Then it'll be up to us the consumers to avoid those games and show developers we aren't buying what they're selling.

KwietStorm1823d ago

And we all know how well that always works out.

Mustang300C20121823d ago

But they don't want to here that. Just want to ride on rumors

Godmars2901823d ago

The same customers who pre-ordered SimCity, Aliens Colonial Marines and the latest Star Trek and gave those titles millions in sales. Regardless of their actual quality.

StrongMan1823d ago

I REFUSE to support an always online console or a console that leaves it up to devs to do this.

maniacmayhem1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

Well Sony has already said they would leave it up to devs if they want to implement their own DRM.

Will you not support Sony, Strongman?


I wouldn't support the dev.

kreate1823d ago

I dont think thats what strongman means when he's making that comment.

But if anyone want to play the word game, go for it.

Hicken1823d ago

The "DRM" in question would be, by all indications, in regards to games with online components. And it would be ONLY an issue of the online portion of a game.

That's different from the image of the "always online" console being spoken of, which would require a constant internet connection even for offline, singleplayer games.

The latter is what StrongMan, obviously, was referring to, while you bring up the former. Not an accurate comparison, but then, you knew that, didn't you?

maniacmayhem1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

Hicken's back!

Nice way to defend and spin at the same time Hicken.

Strongman said:
"I REFUSE to support an always online console or a console that leaves it up to devs to do this."

Notice the "OR" in his sentence, and since Sony has already said they will leave it up to the publisher or dev to implement a DRM this means Strongman will not support the Ps4.

We all know what he was trying to imply, the troll that he is.

Funny how you didn't call him out isn't it. Especially since you told me that you go after huge trolls on this site. But I guess it's only for a specific system.

But then again we both knew that right?

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Lvl_up_gamer1823d ago

You're gonna hate gaikai then, guess you're skipping on the ps4 then huh?

grayfoxx8811823d ago

Always missing the point while you attempt to troll, at least you're consistent at both. You know he's referring to the rumors about games only being playable while being connected to the Internet. Gakai is a service that requires a connection because it's streaming the games to the console. Your comment is not even remotely close to what he is talking about. Just stop.

DigitalRaptor1822d ago


You: "How come I can't play this game that's live streaming to me through a service that requires Internet technology, without the Internet."

Good grief. Personally, I'm waiting until Gaikai is able to stream game discs to me!:p

ichimaru1822d ago

lol Sony said they'd leave it up to,the devs too.going handheld only this gen?

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