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Sony Will Be Releasing A Metallic Grey DualShock 3 PS3 Controller Later This Year

Sony is releasing a brand new Metallic Grey Dualshock 3 controller for the PS3. According to Sony’s twitter page, it is said to be releasing in early June. (PS3)

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Relientk77  +   731d ago
RioKing  +   731d ago
It's nice and all, but personally the next DS3 controller that I'm getting is the new Gold one's. They match my gold guns in COD ^_^
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Relientk77  +   731d ago
That, they do
Oldman100  +   731d ago
Now they just need a metallic grey console to go along with it. :D
HammadTheBeast  +   731d ago
Maybe this is what PS4 will be similar to? Although I myself do prefer the black matte finish.
maniacmayhem  +   731d ago
Evil_Ryu   731d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
Jreca  +   731d ago
What's actually new or limited about it? My friend gave me one of these as a present two weeks ago O_o
Jreca  +   731d ago
I got it wrong, Ken22 pointed it. Sorry >.<
Ken22  +   731d ago
I think this is to go along with the MGS LEGACY COLLECTION relase.

@Jreca you meant this on?? https://encrypted-tbn0.gsta...

That's silver.The new one is metallic grey.
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Jreca  +   731d ago
ok! The photo doesn't help too much ^^'
arbitor365  +   731d ago
cool, but i will stick with my transparent slate grey controller

feeter  +   731d ago
I wish they didnt come out with the good stuff soo late in the systems life... i understand better games cause of knowledge of the hardware but this is a color they could have released years ago
USMC_POLICE  +   731d ago
Orange I want orange
MrBeatdown  +   731d ago
It gave me lemon lime!
violents  +   731d ago
Meh, does it really matter what color it is?
Knight_Crawler  +   731d ago
Thats what she said...gigidi
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violents  +   731d ago
Masterful use of a single bubble sir!
StrongMan  +   731d ago
The best controller on the market now in metallic grey? SOLD!!! I already have DS3 controllers in black, red, blue, white, and camo. Can't wait to get the metallic grey.
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Omar91  +   731d ago
This is kind of off topic but I'm hoping Ps4 has different types of limited edition consoles like the 360 did with big selling games like gears and halo. Sony this year just changed the colors of the console along with the design, but it would be cool to have a killzone custom edition ps4 for example.

:O Just thought of a Metal gear V custom edition Ps4!
younglj01  +   731d ago
pretty cool if you are a PS3 controller collector...
level 360  +   731d ago
I'd prefer if Sony had done a powdered gunmetal grey instead of this cheap metallic grey finish.. honestly.

Do wish Sony would somehow put it in their *to-do wish-lists' just a few good colors to bring on their PS4 console -- trademark Sony shade of blue, piano finish black, rosso corsa red ( for the racing types ), pearl white, orange ( because it's a good wild color ).. think green could be out of the question since it's the competitors.
Rhezin  +   731d ago
dammit the one color I've always wanted, and it's at the end of this generation. -_-

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