Sessler's Something: Nintendo Skipping Their E3 Press Conference

EMERGENCY SESSLER'S SOMETHING! With the news that Nintendo will no longer be holding their traditional Tuesday morning press conference at E3 2013, Adam just couldn't wait until Monday to talk about it. Why is Nintendo doing this, and will their strategy of Nintendo Directs and hands-on events pay off?

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Canary2059d ago

I agree completely. Nintendo has really been irritating me lately.

I'm more irked about them ignoring consumers' please for a unified account system than failing to reach out to new demographics.

herbs2059d ago

Nintendo sure is making a lot of baffling decisions lately and they definitely don't seem to learn from past mistakes which is very disheartening. Simple obvious things like the 3ds missing dual sticks and the Wii U not supporting analog triggers. Awesome thinking Nintendo now both of your new systems will not be able to play GameCube games properly. There are tons of fans who would rebuy these games through a download service and we no how much you like reselling games to people soo Why?! This is only one example of Nintendos recent short sightedness.

SpiralTear2059d ago

Even if Nintendo sticks to the Nintendo Direct videos, I highly doubt that what they say will go unnoticed if the news is big enough, which is pretty much what Nintendo needs and is predicted to do this year. Regardless of whether it's through an E3 press conference or a smaller ND video, if a new Zelda, Mario, or Smash Bros. game is detailed (all three were set to be detailed at E3 2013), the entire gaming public will know.

I understand Adam's concern and I must say that my views are very congruent with his on the state of Nintendo, but I feel like he's still in a bit of a panic over this and is taking a bit of a "take shelter" kind of mode.

LOL_WUT2059d ago

The answer would be no.

For them to not have a traditional E3 presentation is very questionable to say the least. Also the timing of all this is concerning as this is their chance to speak up and convince consumers that there's still hope for the Wii U. This is just alienating the company even more. ;)

SpiralTear2059d ago

You mean alienating the CONSUMER. And why would Nintendo cancel a press conference if they could use it to their advantage? Your explanation doesn't make any sense.

What I'm saying is that this decision isn't a mass exodus of Nintendo games like many are believing it to be (besides, aren't games what everyone wanted?). We're still getting games and Nintendo, despite what the internet may imply, isn't leaving E3 entirely.

I'm just as concerned as everyone else on this and I'm not saying that this is the way to go for Nintendo. However, the fact remains is that the games are still there. I personally don't care if it's at a press conference or a Nintendo Direct as long as they exist and be put to market.

BitbyDeath2059d ago

When was the last Nintendo Direct that gathered much attention though? Wii U being announced?

ChickeyCantor2059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )

It's weird. Considering Iwata and co did their research and make big decisions based on the conclusions drawn from said research. Sure it sounds illogical, but you can't just say "They need to do this, and that, this way they will be successful".

Nintendo knows damn well what they are doing. But business isn't easy either. But to pretend anyone has insight on what their business plan is highly hilarious.

Sessler is simply going by what seems logical to him. Not exactly reflecting what Nintendo is planning. Obviously he doesn't work for them.

maniacmayhem2059d ago

Definitely agree, i just said something similar to this in another post.

Nintendo does seem like they live in their own bubble and yes I think that Nintendo makes true gaming machines but they need to realize that gaming has grown definitely since their SNES days.

They just can't keep doing what they think is right for them and them only. They have to keep third party devs in mind when designing and making hardware. They have to see the trends and what the rest of the world is into and add those features to their system.

They have to see what their competition is doing. For them to say they are not competing with Sony/MS is pure BS. They are! They need to knuckle up and swallow their pride and at least attempt to do what the competition is doing and that is to make a system that has the specs for future games, create a unified/streamlined online with a friendly easy UI. Court these 3rd party devs to make games for your system.

I want Nintendo to return to the glory of the SNES days!

secretcode2059d ago

E3 is becoming a shell of it's former self. No reason to flip the hell out. Hell, Sony AND Microsoft aren't even premiering their systems there this time.

NYC_Gamer2059d ago

Sony and MS are still holding big stage events at E3 while Nintendo isn't

secretcode2059d ago

Except they are still having a booth AND having several private meetings + Nintendo Directs.

jetlian2059d ago

MS didn't reveal 360 at e3 2005 so... Actually 360 was shown around may 21st 05!

In any case nintendo has nothing to show and thats why they won't be doing one

Drainage2059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )

panic nintendo looks to be getting too nervous and pressured that it cant see straight. I call the end of the nintendo era in 2017. after their first wave of games release and the momentum stops... permanently

gamer422059d ago

Why do you want to see nintendo fail?

OmegaSlayer2058d ago

Because it sucks.
Because they're doing the same things and milking the same franchises for decades.
Where Sony took the hard route and swapped Crash with Jak and then with Uncharted and come up with new IPs, Nintendo is always Zelda/Mario forever.
I don't see how people can say that Nintendo has brought something good to the industry in the last decade.

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