Injustice: Gods Among Us Possibly Dropping to $34.99 on Sunday

"We’ve got three good deals for you today, two confirmed and one a possibility." - PSLS

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TrendyGamers1820d ago

Good news for anyone who waited.

Ken221820d ago

I'll wait for the complete edition.Just like MK

LOGICWINS1820d ago

Thats the most logical move. I posted this link a couple hours ago on FB and people who bought it Day 1 were freaking out lol. In most cases, waiting a month and half before buying a game will save you AT LEAST 33% of the costs.

Kurt Russell1820d ago

Yeah it's rare a game doesn't quickly drop a 3rd down in price. Every now and then I JUST HAVE TO HAVE IT NOOOOOOWWW!

Although I don't know if I could wait until Injustice has a complete edition... just because everyone ends up being beasting it online whilst I'm still learning basic footsie moves.

CoryHG1820d ago

...a week

That's just bad.

LOL_WUT1819d ago

Hopefully Ed Boon just sticks to MK after this. ;)

MastaMold1820d ago

Injustice is not a price drop its just going on sale this sunday at Toys r Us and if it does i'll be at Toys r Us as soon as they open

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Wedge191820d ago

Most new games are dropping in price early, due to the $60 price point being hard to justify for nearly any game, good or not.


in the uk alone it actually beat bioshock infinite out of the number 1 sales spot during its release week. my guess is that its at least doing well enough in other regions.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1820d ago

Looks like it's MK vs DC all over again. It's only been out for about a week and it already flopped. Then again, I don't see people playing this for longer than a month anyway even in tournaments. It will get less playtime than P4A.

TXIDarkAvenger1820d ago

This isn't MK vs DC all over again...Injustice is actually a pretty good fighting game. Netherrealm is one of the few studios in the fighting genre that knows how to write an interesting story.

violents1820d ago

Its just a sale at one store man, not across the board price drops. Read the article before you assume things.

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The story is too old to be commented.