NZGamer: Triggerheart Exelica Review

NZGamer writes: "Triggerheart Exelica is now available on both the Xbox Live Arcade and the Dreamcast (yes, I did say Dreamcast…) but you could be readily forgiven for being in the dark about this particular title. Not only because it's strikingly average, but also because it's so short you're likely to play through the game before realising your purchase has finished downloading. Blink and you'll miss Triggerheart. Although, upon reflection, that may be the better option.

A good old-fashioned vertical scroller, Triggerheart tells the story of two "Triggerhearts", Exelica and Crueltear, as they try to defend Earth from the invading Ver'mith. While addictively fun games have indeed been built on shakier plot foundations (Pyro Sand anyone?), Triggerheart may have benefited more from having almost no story. With introductory promises of your hybrid girl/machine "Triggerhearts" needing to fight a truly epic battle to save the cheerleader world, the resulting game is something of a let down."

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