Pokemon Generations Mod is What a 3D Pokemon Game Should Be

This 3D Pokemon Mod, Pokemon Generations, has a lot of potential! [Strong Language the video!]

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Snookies121669d ago

Someone hire this man to work on the Pokemon series!

Relientk771669d ago

We have needed a 3D Pokemon game for well over a decade

Baylex1668d ago

God!! This game is sick!! Nintendo and Gamefreak should watch this guy!!
Almost cried watching this... it's the pokemon game of my dreams!

TopDudeMan1668d ago

I know, that is so cool!

3-4-51668d ago

Nintendo should pay attention to this.

I'm sure they will get it right with the 3DS game, but they should consider and upgraded version of this as well.

Relientk771669d ago

So they want it like Ni no Kuni, completely agree

seriously we need a 3D Pokemon game already

Blackdeath_6631668d ago

wow i was gonna say exactly the same game a ni no kuni style pokemon game needs to be made

Wenis1668d ago

This looks awesome. X and Y will be a step in the right direction but it looks like it will still use a 'grid layout', where you can only move in 4 directions instead of dynamic movement..

kevinsheeks1668d ago

I think the reason they don't make it like this is because it would cost more and also because why change anything when the same old formula works and people keep buying it -.-

yugovega1668d ago

looks amazing. I want one like this on wii u. yesterday please.

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The story is too old to be commented.