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Xbox Reveal - Microsoft's Biggest Threats to the PS4

Push Square: "Microsoft has finally acknowledged its next generation console. After months of silence, rumours, and bad news, Sony’s closest competitor has confirmed that it will reveal a “new generation of games, TV, and entertainment” on 21st May. While some feel that the Redmond-based manufacturer may struggle to usurp the PlayStation 4’s recent unveiling from a strictly gaming perspective, we reckon that it would be naive to rule out the Xbox maker entirely. But what are likely to be the biggest weapons in the company’s barracks, and what can its Japanese counterpart do to ensure that none of them land a killer blow?" (PS4, Xbox One)

miyamoto  +   900d ago | Well said
PS4 unveiling was a real genuine surprise low budget yet very smart event that caught many off guard particularly M$.

Next Xbox announcement was not a surprise. it was expected because Sony beat them to it. and now everything they will do is blow up their million dollar budget with red ponchos just to match PS4 unveiling.

After the departure of Steve Jobs, M$ seeing it as an opportunity to copy, I mean "compete" with Apple TV is spreading it self too thin against multiple competition on top of Linux, Apple, Google, Sony, Nintendo

Their contract with Nokia is soon to expire and there is a good chance Nokia will go Android route
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Knight_Crawler  +   900d ago
I think MS has waited this long for a reason. Sony announced the PS4, but it was so early and so little info was announced that the hype died out for it among most people other then the hardcore fanboys. Waiting 4-5 months for more info at E3 is ridiculous.

Microsoft on the other hand will announce, get a bunch of hype going, THEN a few weeks later we have E3 and a bunch of more fancy info is released multiplying the hype. Microsoft isn't stupid and their Quarterly report shows they know how to do business.

Will be an interesting E3, not going to buy either of them at launch anyways, ill wait for bugs and issues to be ironed out and get the second revision for cheaper. My PC and X360 and PS3 will be just fine until the early adapters make sure all the bugs are worked out..
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Skips  +   900d ago | Well said
"hype died out for it among most people other then the hardcore fanboys."

HYPE DIED?!?! LMFAO! Since when??? Just look everywhere on the net bud. Youtube, IGN, GameSpot, other gaming sites, etc. etc.

Literally NOTHING but positive news and hype for the PS4. Hell, even word's getting around at the college campus near me! And a lot of the people I know who work at gaming shops notice the anticipation for PS4 as well.

Anyways, there's a reason why they left details out. TO ANNOUNCE THEM AT THE TIME OF MICROSOFT'S ANNOUNCEMENTS to steal their thunder!

Smart move if you ask me.
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hazardman  +   900d ago
You speak the truth man. The Sony reveal was OK. We got a few specs, few games and some cool new features. After the Sony reveal all I've been wondering is what MS got with the new Xbox. Anyway man I hope it pretty good. I plan on owning both systems so I can't wait.
jukins  +   900d ago
the ps4 did much more than hype fanboys. It hyped the industry as well as wall street. True the hype has died down some but before,during, and after pss4 was trending highly across the web and bumped sony stock nicely for a just a reveal.

Microsoft's quarterly reports shows exactly what it has been showing for the past 10 years FLAT EARNINGS (read: nothing has really changed in 10 years with ms stock). But honestly unless microsoft really has something clever up their sleeve I dont think its hype with the next box will be nearly as big as it was with ps4.
Prodigy-X  +   900d ago
"hype died out for it among most people other then the hardcore fanboys."

So I guess the 28 million views on YouTube doesn't count right. /s
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Clarence  +   900d ago
I stop reading your post after you said the hype died out.
MaxXAttaxX  +   900d ago
It's called wishful thinking.
Hype for the PS4 hasn't died out.
In fact, Sony not showing all of their cards in one day keeps the PS4's momentum and people interest going. People eager to see what they'll show at E3, including the console itself.
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HurtfulTimez  +   900d ago
I had to laugh when i seen hype died out are you for real?!

anyways the microsoft event and prior to it will give more publicity to the ps4 by mentioning it in every article which has basically happened already just look at websites where the xbox reveal is mentioned and i guarentee it will say "set to compete with ps4 this holiday" and/or "sony released info of there ps4 in february" so even MS diehards who didnt even know about the ps4 will definately know about it now. it will all work in sonys favour creating yet more hype
indysurfn  +   899d ago
What details did they leave out? Other than polygon count? What us hardcore wanted we got. The GPU/CPU memory, GPU details, cpu/memory speed, BUS, Only thing a few 'hardcore' missed was the actual machine. Why would a person put ANY stock in a machines appearance? If it looked like a 16bit sega genesis, or SNES I would go ucke! and still buy it. I'm buying for the games not machine style! And they did leave out some game details, but I'm satisfied with what Sony released. And I'm a Microsoft fanboy. I know what your saying about announcing first, I also know there are advantages and disadvantages. So I think the problem is the no-used-games, and always-online rumors that is kicking Microsoft's but. And Sony going with the easy to develop for hardware, and Fast memory that is helping Sony. I remember helping a friend with a pc in the past, he doubled his memory but the memory he took out was faster, and his new video card was faster. So he could not figure out why his new setup was much slower. I took out his new memory, and replaced it with his old(half the amount), and he was going faster than ever. So I can see Sony having a advantage depending on if Microsoft does stick with DDR instead of newest GDDR.
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Saigon  +   899d ago

I understand your comment, a little, but I will say that Sony planned their meeting perfectly. Mainly because soon after we received even more detail from GDC.

Technically Sony has been making new announcements about the PS4 every month since the pre-reveal. Next month, if I am not mistaken, Sony has another planned PS4 reveal event before E3. I believe the event is before the MS planned event.

The response I truly wanted to make was regarding the Next Xbox. The comment you made regarding the PS4:

"the hype died out for it among most people other then the hardcore fanboys"

Made me think a little. I truly feel, and this IMHO, that MS not saying anything deterred my interest a lot in the Next Xbox. Don't get me wrong, I am interested in what they have and what they will present at the meeting, but my hype for the system is almost lost.

Before Sony had their conference I was planning on how to get both systems. I am leaning towards Amazon, but I get points if I go with GameStop or reward points if I choose Best Buy. I am still deciding at the moment but my interest in the Next Xbox is almost gone and I think I will only purchase the PS4 and now the Steambox is starting to appear on my radar

I feel MS is going to have to truly reveal something interesting at this event in order for me to get back on board. I don't want the TV tuner or what ever the rumor states, I want a gaming system. Their conference will determine if I choose to purchase this system.
UnholyLight  +   899d ago

are you dumb??

" HYPE DIED?!?! LMFAO! Since when??? Just look everywhere on the net bud. Youtube, IGN, GameSpot, other gaming sites, etc. etc "

GAMING WEBSITES, talking about an upcoming console.....You don't say do ya?

Wow, I would have never thought at all. Thanks for this life changing epiphany!!! I appreciate it!!
BuhDay  +   899d ago

All i have to say is 8gb of GDDR5; compared to xbox's expected bottom-necked 8gb DDR3.... just dreaming about the difference and what I can do with 8gb of GDDR5 alone is enough hype to last me until release (and probably until late gen. games start to release) or until next xbox proves better. Not only that, but the expected launch titles and ps3 exclusive releases before hand. (Remember xbox just dropped GoW and Halo [which isn't being used in competitive play] so their major exclusives are done for the year unless they produce another which cut the sales of GoW:judgment (crap) and halo 4; microsoft experiences losses either way.

FYI - Why would i want a console that from rumors, does what my smart t.v can do; but slightly better? Last I remember I usually buy a console to play games and experience THE BEST GRAPHICS POSSIBLE otherwise we the community label it as crap (Wii U).
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KwietStorm  +   899d ago
Don't be so naive. If both Sony and Microsoft revealed at E3 and not a day earlier, are you suggesting we would get constant info and hype between June and release? Obviously the hype isn't going to be at a constant high, but I would say its up there. Sony very strategically has spread out their details, and we still have more coming. Now we just wait to see if Microsoft will try to steal it all back in one swoop or if they have time to take a similar approach.
stiggs  +   899d ago
@ BuhDay
"just dreaming about the difference and what I can do with 8gb of GDDR5"

This sounds disturbingly sexual.
Skips  +   899d ago

"are you dumb??"

GAMING WEBSITES, talking about an upcoming console.....You don't say do ya?

"Wow, I would have never thought at all. Thanks for this life changing epiphany!!! I appreciate it!!"

LMFAO! XD Are you dumb?!? Or did you just completely ignore the other half of my comment.



WOW, kid, just WOW. -_-
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MysticStrummer  +   899d ago
"Sony announced the PS4, but it was so early and so little info was announced that the hype died out for it among most people other then the hardcore fanboys. Waiting 4-5 months for more info at E3 is ridiculous."

I guess it's a good thing they haven't waited then...?

They've been releasing more info slowly ever since then, and there will apparently be at least one more showing of PS4 before E3.

The only people feeling no hype are those who didn't want a PS4 in the first place. Ironically they're the same crowd who was outraged that the console wasn't shown.
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UnholyLight  +   897d ago

"LMFAO! XD Are you dumb?!? Or did you just completely ignore the other half of my comment.



WOW, kid, just WOW. -_- "

You said "Everywhere on the net" but then proceeded to list off gaming websites and youtube which i assumed was referring to Playstation's use of Youtube promotion through their videos. Yeah, not so stupid after all.
BeZdaBest  +   900d ago
i think it caught everyone off guard because sony said they were going to let microsoft go first... an then they came back an sucker punched them...get it sucka pun..... never mind

indysurfn  +   899d ago
I remember that article, I hope that he does not look bad for saying Hirai said, "Why go first, when your competitors can look at your specifications and come up with something better?" And then going first? At the start of the ps3/360 generation Microsoft did go first then Sony waited and everyone was waiting for a super computer. This time Sony went first be no one is waiting for Microsoft to have a super computer. Sony knows how to play it and Microsoft does not. If Microsoft DOES surprise a lot of us and comes out with a better machine he will have egg on his face for saying that. But I think he was just trying to set Microsoft up for that sucker punch.
Cupid_Viper_3  +   900d ago
In reply to the title, Microsoft biggest threat to the PS4 would have been "Time" itself. Prior to the PS4 event in Feb, everybody thought that Microsoft would be first to launch their next gen console.

Well the PS4 reveal changed all that.

I mean, If a 1 year head start, Billions in marketing, plus another half a billion for more kinect marketing, plus adopting policies for parity on multiplat games, and all the years of bad press didn't stop the more expensive PS3 from selling more in less time, then Microsoft is simply going to have to deal with it and accept the reality that the best they're ever going to do agaisnt the PlayStation is to "co-exsist".

Sony had to do same in regards to the handheld market where Nintendo reigns supreme and they're the second option so to speak. And it seems that they've embraced that role.
RuleofOne343  +   900d ago
Has Nokia returned the 380 million MS invested or loaned them, cause if no such thing has occurred then that deal is on-going. can't wait for the 21st of may & finding out when I can pre-order my 2 .
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titletownrelo  +   899d ago
Sony: we're going to let Microsoft go first, because we think it'll be a better strategic move.
M$: [sigh of relief]It's alright, we can take our time, guys.
Sony: [at event] "Surprise MOTHAF*CKAS! >:D
M$: D: !
WiiUsauce  +   899d ago
Sony fans are so damn delusional. The next Xbox reveal could easily top PS4 reveal. Or it could bomb and leave many disappointed. Just wait for their actual conference to make these retarded, delusional fanboy comments, bro.
stiggs  +   899d ago
@ miyamoto
Anytime that I see someone address Microsoft as "M$" I immediately stop reading the comment. It's a telltale sign that their post is going to be complete biased nonsense.
BOLO  +   899d ago
Are you a M$FT employee? Fanboy? Or both
stiggs  +   899d ago
@ Bolo
I just don't have a lot of patience with immature, ignorant, sycophants.
Like yourself for example.
BuhDay  +   899d ago

as a independent programmer and game developer, it is very "appealing" lol.....but honestly I can partake in server vs server battles in Guild Wars 2 with 500vs500 everything on High; a total of 1,000 people on my screen with cast effects on high and I get 0% lag. That's only with 2gb GDDR5. I can't even begin to imagine what 8gb GDDR5 would do especially since other operations run on their own specific ram.

Now i say that to say this; you know the ps3 mmofps Dusk 514? now imagine that on ps4. I would be surprised if CCP and Sony couldn't pull off 1,000vs1,000 battles; this also applies for bungie's destiny. Oh the possibilities with just the specs.... #Hyped !
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Muerte2494  +   900d ago
i think that.....
its too late. Anythng now can be seen as just them playing catch up. Just don't possibly see how Microsft can stop Sony's momentum.
Crazay  +   900d ago
It's far from too late. it all comes down to software and performance of that software on the hardware. way too early to make that claim dude.
aviator189  +   900d ago
We're still months from launch of either console. At this point, it's still anyone's game. What it will come down to will be price, software, availability, features, etc.

Take the launch of the wii and xbox 360/ps3. Xbox 360 was launched first with a full year's start and the wii has easily passed it up and the ps3 and the xbox 360 are nearly identical sales wise.
SonyAddict  +   900d ago
Ps3 has passed 360 worldwide!,Google it...
Muerte2494  +   900d ago
Don't know why...
people are disagreeing with Sony Addict. Micorosoft just hit 77.2 million as of March 31st 2013. Sony hit 77 million at the end of 2012 with ps3.


NeoGaf source posted Jan 10

2nd source for ps3 sales

new report from will be release May 9th from Sony. Two weeks after Microsoft reports. But this will not include sales from April. Sony just reports a month after the quarter ends. Microsoft reports three weeks after the quarter ends.
Muerte2494  +   900d ago
I can respect that and you might very well be right. But when you mention quality software, Sony is the first thing that comes to mind. But if I know Microsoft, then they're definitely have an exclusive trilogy waiting.

The reason why I can make such a claim is because Microsoft had everything going right for them this gen and still managed to fall behind. At this point you have to ask "what else can the do?" They were out of the gate first, always cheaper than ps3, media bias, DLC exclusives, easier architecture, America, and killer advertisement. In all seriousness, what else can they do differently, that they didn't do this gen?

Also I've only owned my 60gig ps3 this entire generation. I've owned at least 3 xbox360s. When you say quality, whether it be hardware or software, Sony still wins hands down. (In My Opinion)
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WickedLester  +   900d ago
"In all seriousness, what else can they do differently, that they didn't do this gen?"

Create more compelling exclusive IP's that cater to the core gamer. This is the one glaring weakness with the Xbox IMO. Too reliant on 3rd party titles, plus they won't have the luxury of having a year head start on next gen titles, a less expensive price, or the ease of development advantage. The only thing that will separate these 2 consoles are the exclusive IP's that each one offers and right out of the gate Sony has the advantage.
SonyAddict  +   900d ago
The reason you have a 60gb ps3 is because you favour ms and 360 and that's why you have had 3 360s because you wore them out..I am on my 8th ps3 and that's because I favour sony and wore the 8 ps3s out..the one thing ms hasn't got right is the lack of exclusives and the departure from the hardcore gamer,I have a 360 under my TV collecting dust with halo4 and gears and my Xbox live is going to waste because it doesn't appeal to me.
Muerte2494  +   900d ago
lol@ SonyAddict,
nope wrong sir, I buy most of my multiplatforms on ps3 because most of my friends are on there. After my 2nd 360 died i went like 4 years before getting another one. I only bought my last 360 when gears 3 came out and the disappointing Halo4. You can check my post history. Warhawk, GTA4, COD4, MGO(metal Gear Online), KZ2, Uncharted 2, SF4, UMCV3, KZ3, BF:Bad Company 2, BF4, Starhawk, latest is InJustice: Gods Among US. You can also check my XboxLive tag activity to verify.
Machiavellian  +   899d ago
MS did not have everything going for them right this Gen. Actually the one big thing that stopped but did not kill the 360 is the RROD issue.

When the 360 was gaining momentum, the RROD started to rear its horns and completely killed the 360 in Japan and stalled it's growth in the EU. Only in the US did the 360 continued to sell strong probably because of the install base.

Since Sony YOLD issue was not as prevalent, it did not cause Sony to lose any steam when they started to slash the price on the PS3 to gain market share.
ALLWRONG  +   900d ago
"Just don't possibly see how Microsft can stop Sony's momentum"

N4G is primarily a Sony site and the next Xbox is discussed more than the PS4. Mostly by the Playstation fanbase!

So if you're saying that Sony has all the "momentum" then why do the Sony fans talk more about the next Xbox than the PS4?

MS has given us one ad and a counter and it's talked about more than the PS4. Not even a single spec or game announced yet, and it still gets this much attention.
USEYOURFIST  +   900d ago
i dont see it getting anywhere near as much attention as ps4 yet....also n4g used to be pro ms for quite a few years, with ps3 getting bashed all over the place, but the shift to sony pro userbase could be seen to show that the hardcore gaming community shifted back to sony a few years into this gen once they realised thats where the games are at...sooo basically your wrong and have done a poor attempt at trolling.
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ichimaru  +   899d ago
I dint think they are out to stop anyone's momentum, rather create thier own. you have to realize that these companies don't think like n4g fanboys, and you gain nothing by trying to smear the competition, if you offer nothing original. it's thier console reveal, they will show the best they have to offer, not try to play an imaginary game of catch up
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indysurfn  +   899d ago
People are disagreeing because even your links talk about SHIPPED numbers and Microsoft is talking about SOLD numbers. Just because you ship to distributors, warehouses, retail shop, big ocean liners do not mean they have been SOLD. And Sony' only defense for this is 'they have always counted it this way'. As if they can switch over to a more up to date method.
GamerzElite  +   900d ago
People will say after 21 may event.... nothing new, already saw at Sony Event, Copied from Sony. Guess what more Kinect Sh!t, Another famous lies about games (They did earlier, many announcement but nothing came true), Social, social and social, work as PVR, more COD and DLC, New Halo & Gear.
Root  +   900d ago
Theres a very high chance that will happen...you know....going off Microsofts history that is
GT67  +   900d ago
and that is ALL!!! we'll see. oh' yeah someone trying to inter-act with kinect with rehearsal. 720 will crash on live stage (E47) or RROD make a special appearance by popular over heating demand.

"there's no need to fear PS4 IS HERE"
ichimaru  +   899d ago
What's the winning lotto number? what's that your not a psychic.
what? just a fanbot? verywell carry on
Hicken  +   899d ago
When people predict what Microsoft or Sony is gonna do, the smart ones go by each company's track record up until this point. To that end, there's no need for a crystal ball to guess at what Microsoft will do.

"The writing's on the wall," as the saying goes. In recent years, they've had lots of Kinect focus, as well as plenty of timed exclusive DLC, Call of Duty, and a Halo and/or Gears title. Not much outside of that, though.
ichimaru  +   899d ago
True but any research would testify that Microsoft has recently purchased, and opened 20 plus studios. If each studio only works on a single game your looking at 20 plus new IP's, 20 plus exclusives. I agree that a track record can help predict the future but just look at sony and Nintendo, the both learned from mistakes and made adjustment. If the past alone determined the next step PS4 would be centered around the Cell 2.0 and Ninty would have require montion based gaming this gen instead of returning to a controller.
stiggs  +   899d ago
@ Hicken
Kinect focus???

Where are you people getting this impression? If I didn't come to this site I probably wouldn't even know that Kinect exists and I've owned a 360 since day one.
Kinect had absolutely zero impact on my 360 experience.
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ichimaru  +   899d ago
@stiggs I agree I have had my xbox since 08, not even day one and I have never used or tried kinect. Its a peripheral, and attachment, but if people need fuel to flame they'll dig anywhere to get it.

It's sort of a shame, I've been on this site for 6 yrs and I still won't recommend it to friends. I love the community but the users here are embarrassing
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maniacmayhem  +   899d ago

Well if the track record is true then lets look at the 360's first outing and how they brought games after games after games. If what you say hold water then wouldn't it hold true for the NextBox's outing also.

Or do you just want to focus on the later 2 years and apply it to everything MS has done with the Xbox 360?

You try so very hard to downplay Xbox and Nintendo.

Can we apply the same to Sony? How for the first couple of years they had nothing to play on the system? Should we think that would be true for the PS4?

Of course not, looks like this "writing on the wall"'s author is only you Hicken and only you believe your own lies.

@Stigs and Ichimaru:
The only people who think the 360 is focused on Kinect only are the PS3 fanboys. They are a worrisome bunch. You would think they would be too busy enjoying games instead of focusing on the 360's core.
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Jek_Porkins  +   900d ago | Well said
Well Microsoft can show off the next Xbox console itself, that will be a big one up in my opinion.

They can show games running on the next Xbox, show the actual interface up and running, say it's backwards compatible and it doesn't block used games or require an always on connection.

Those are things that will help Microsoft the most, of course no matter what they do, they'll get crucified here for it, but I think millions of gamer's will tune in to see what Microsoft has to offer, even if only out of curiosity.
Crazay  +   900d ago
Damn you Porkins...2 well played comments in one night. Time for bubs up sir.

Yes they need to show the system, the need to show the interface, they need to show what games look like and they need to show off some EXCLUSIVE software running on said hardware.
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Bathyj  +   900d ago
Excellent use of caps. EXCLUSIVES. Thats what MS need to show me to drag me back over the fence. I dont really care what the system looks like. I dont care about UI as long as its serviceable. I dont even really care about the specs providing its on par with the PS4 and there isnt too big a difference.

Since I already know I will get a PS4, MS are not going to wow me with multiplats I can get on that system already. They need to show me why I cant do without an Xbox3 and why I would be kicking myself if I passed on it. Show me you still care about gamers MS.
megatron_78  +   900d ago
i dont know how any of it matters till we all get the info from both systems.games price features etc. i wonder how anyone can see it any differently.weather sony went first or microsoft has a better show they will probably end up doing the same and show us most of thier respective PRODUCTS at e3 i wish it wasnt so but thats the way it is as for me i just wana see games!
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raytraceme  +   900d ago | Well said
I don't think that the Xbox is too big a threat for the ps4. Since I own a gaming pc I will only buy one console and that will be the ps4. Microsoft studios can't compare to Sony's who owns naughty dog, sucker punch, media molecule, santa monica, sce japan, polyphony, evolution, and Guerilla Games, and has 2nd party support from quantic dreams, and insomniac.
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GT67  +   900d ago
Microsoft: as the professor from futurama: games???? whooooo-what'd were not into games we're into rule your mind,home. let the competition give you games.

SONY: show me the MONAAAAAAY!!!!! we got games, thousands of them.
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HmongAmerican  +   900d ago
Hearing rumors of TV service in the next XBOX is really not good. If they decide to include cable tv in the next XBOX it better be something worth getting.
Max-Zorin  +   900d ago
PS4: Will be a good system
Next Xbox: Will be a good system
Their fans(Most of them): Will be a bunch of misguided extremists that treat their consoles like a spouse and try to berate other people that don't only game on their preferred console.
#10 (Edited 900d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Agent_hitman  +   900d ago
An "Always-online" machine will be the threat for PS4?. I think not my friend, I think not.
WeAreLegion  +   900d ago
From the article:

"Writing earlier today, notorious industry insider Paul Thurrott claimed that the console would cost $499 on its own, or $299 with a two-year contract. The leaker added that those that adopt the latter model will have to commit to $10 monthly charges, and will receive full Xbox Live service throughout. Typically, consumers end up paying more when opting for a subsidised service, so Thurrott’s figures don’t quite add up – but the principle remains the same."

$10 X 24 (months) = $240
$240 + $299 = $539

That's $40 more than $499...

Great work on the math there, guys. -_-
violents  +   899d ago
That's prob considered interest, have you ever bought something on credit, they charge an interest rate because they financed you. Just M$ screwing you out of more money.
LoveOfTheGame  +   899d ago
I applaud you for showing your work, knowing how a person got to a conclusion is very helpful in understanding their mindset. But I believe they mean the $499 plus two years of Xbox live would be:

499 + 60 * 2 = 619
619 > 539

So the lower tier one would end up still costing less, now if only fanboys would show their mindset so we could laugh at the delusions of both sides.
WeAreLegion  +   899d ago
Haha. I completely disregarded that. I'm a bit of an idiot. Bubbles for that one, man. :)
mrmancs   900d ago | Trolling | show
MasterCornholio  +   900d ago
No matter who Wins. Wii U loses.


But seriously Microsoft has to announce amazing hardware and and a ton of exclusive games in order to beat Sony.

And Kinect =/= games

Motorola RAZR i
fsfsxii  +   900d ago
Yeah, a deal with Activision on COD will blow the PS4 out of the water, i like the author
ichimaru  +   899d ago
wow so much angst in this thread! yes! quickly defend, Sony's feeling will be hurt if you don't
TheKayle1  +   899d ago
and the next gen console is coming
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Welcome2Die  +   899d ago
To be completely honest, the only thing I fear as a gamer is another repeat of this gen. This gen both the 360 and the PS3 were similar to the point that buying either of them will essentially get you the same experience and it was not until later that the PS3 released alot of exclusives that it separated itself from what the 360 had to offer. I hope both of these systems are different this gen so I can buy them both.

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