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VideoGamer: "Star Trek is an inspirational game. Not in a good way, of course. But it is so immensely tiresome, so poor and such a cash-in that it has inspired me to change the way I review games, for one night only, and take the same approach to reviewing the game that it does to your time: put loads of bad things in linear succession."

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Pintheshadows1826d ago

People keep saying that they have been looking for a decent Star Trek game for years. This clearly is not it.

STO on the other hand is free, deep, varied, fun, addictive, faithful, and quite excellent.

Canary1826d ago

STO isn't all that great gameplay-wise, and is anything but faithful to the source. Yes, it's in the "prime" universe, but the game's canon is filled with nothing but contrivance to get to a point where every single faction is at war with every other faction.

Pintheshadows1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

I respectfully disagree. The Klingon war is a logical outcome caused due to the instability within The Empires hierarchy. This has been addressed previously, albeit with more subtlety in DS9. Add in the influence with Undine infiltraitors and the Klingon invasion of Gorn space which the Federation opposes then you have enough sensible reasons to be at war.

I could go for each race. The Devidians use us as a food source. The Romulans are effectively being run by the Tal Shiar after Romulus is destroyed and the Remans have taken advantage of that. The Borg are the Borg. The Breen are welcome to fight as they are almost a mystery so any oppurtunity to learn more of them is welcome. Q is still a wonderful douche. The True Way are fighting for a free Cardassia. I could go on in more depth but as a fan of the incredibly detailed cannon I actually think the conflicts within STO are incredibly well managed.

I also disagree regarding your statement about the gameplay. Space battles are incredibly well done and whilst away missions are simplistic from a design point of view the actual content and mission structure is varied and incredibly varied. They also feature excellent call backs to episodes from ToS, TNG, DS9, Voyager and Enterprise as well as the films. It may be fan service but it is welcome.

I would say that it is very unforgiving in terms of its user interface at first but it only takes 5 levels or so to grasp it and it has some of the best PvP and Raid encounters I have experienced in an MMO. There is nothing quite like fighting a Romulan fleet with other user controlled Starships.

MrDead1826d ago

Star Trek the 25th Anniversary is still an awesome game and it's free to download.

Pintheshadows1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

I also like Hidden Evil, Elite Force, Bridge Commander and Armada.

I wish they could find a way to combine a game like X with Bridge Commander and then combine Hidden Evil with Mass Effect and then merge the two together to make a space epic.

And thank you for the link as I haven't played 25th Anniversary in years.

MrDead1826d ago

If you enjoy point click adventures Beneath a Steel Sky is on the site, I think you might also be able to download it from Steam.

RavageX1826d ago

STO is quite good. I haven't played it in a while(burned myself out) but I imagined if I had found a few friends I'd still be there regardless.

THIS Star Trek game though....I already knew was gonna be rubbish, and I expect the movie to be also.

Pintheshadows1826d ago

Have you played since it has gone F2P? A lot more people to play it with now which is nice as early on it could be quite quiet.