NZGamer: Battlefield: Heroes Preview

NZGamer writes: "Not many things in life are free, but Battlefield: Heroes is. Heroes is the next instalment in the Battlefield series from DICE and Electronic Arts; this title, however, is not about providing a realistic warzone experience like the previous games. EA's objective was to provide a free, fun and easy game to the community, and it is made free thanks to the wonderful world of advertising, made fun thanks to a whacky sense of humour, and made easy for new and casual players.

Heroes features three classes: the Soldier, the Commando, and the Heavy. The Soldier will be balanced and the general default class, the Commando is more of a special ops character armed with a cloak, landmines, and a sniper rifle, and the Heavy will be the slower, more powerful character armed with giant machine guns and a large amount of health. Players can also gain ranks that give you access to new outfits, accessories, and abilities."

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