Nintendo DS: Top 5 Games Ever

"While rumour of Nintendo discontinuing its production of the Nintendo DS has been denied, it’s a good time to look back on this beast of a handheld and how it affected gaming." | Explosion

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PhoenixRising371852d ago

i personally think that the best DS game was advance wars dual strike.

belac091852d ago

radiant historia, twewy, and devil survivor.

xGrunty1852d ago

Radiant Historia should be #1. Just my opinion.

3-4-51851d ago

That is all I hear about this game. I need to go get it. Debating for a few months if I should or not.

* Time travel is overused in video games since 1996 when it became cool.

* Heard it's frustrating not knowing what time to be in when trying to figure things out.

* The battle system seems iffy/cool.....still undecided on it.

* The art style, animations, + music all look/sound good though.

I should have picked this up when it was easier to find a copy.

Nicolee1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

they made 2nd print run which you should be able to pick it up easy now. ( but you won't get cd soundtrack like first print )

Nicolee1849d ago

i just bought the game today and 5 hours so far. its awesome

-GametimeUK-1852d ago

My personal fave was New Super Mario Bros. What a fantastic game that was. I had great fun since it was the first 2D Mario platform game in quite some time. The hidden coins and exits added great replay value and it was brilliant for gaming on the go.

I also enjoyed Final Fantasy 3, Mario Kart and Animal Crossing. It is a shame I didn't buy more DS games.

kalkano1852d ago

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

And if remakes count, Final Fantasy 4.

I haven't played Radiant Historia yet, but I've only heard good things about it.