New Mirror's Edge Details

Gameplayer has an interview with Digital Illusions (DICE) regarding their bizarre upcoming open-world futuristic courier Sim called Mirror's Edge which devulges plenty of information about the game's unique control method.

"As it turned out, shattering FPS conventions meant dispensing with the idea of a gun as a standard option. "The first thing we did was get rid of the weapon, get that off screen, and start looking at more natural ways of carrying your body, and holding stuff."

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SlappingOysters3685d ago

I wonder if this game will have any of the destructable terrain technology that dice is putting into Bad Company? Destructible terrain in an open-world city would be quite interesting indeed.

MadMax3685d ago

Looks very interesting, its a nice change from all the same old war clone fps games they keep coming out with. We gamers need new ideas for new games, instead of all these lazy ideas with all the same boring war games. Im over it, i wanna see more games like Bioshock and Condemned. They are fps games and look at how creative and different those 2 are compared to all the military games flooding the market right now. Comon people stop being lazy, take us back to the good ole days of the NES!

SlappingOysters3685d ago

since DICE were the ones that set the trend for boring old war fps clones with Battlefield 2142