25 fixes Gran Turismo 6 needs in order to compete with Next-Gen

The Gran Turismo franchise is known for being a rigorous racer with tons of features and cars. It is however not particularly good at innovation or listening to their fan base. Maybe it’s a Japan thing. Here are some suggestions Gran Turismo 6 should add to their feature set in order to compete with Next-Gen car simulators like Driveclub for instance. We all know Gran Turismo is coming to a garage near you on PS3 soon, because Michael Denny inadvertently announced it after the PlayStation Meeting, listing it together with other great games coming out in 2013. According to this retailer GT6 will be out on November 28th, 2013.

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Makasu1787d ago

Yes, Tanks vs. Go-carts and I'm in!

GT671787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

I really hope GT6 is better. GT5 was horrible. from the first race you would think you would be able to pick a fast car like a veyron instead of something like P.T. CRUISER,VW RABBIT,MINI COOPER,FORD FIESTA or TOP GEAR vw bus.

kneon1787d ago

What would the point if that? Anyone can win a race if you drive a sports car against econoboxes.

The races are designed such that you will only have access to cars of similar performance early on so that it will actually take some skill.

I found the game less fun later when I had all the cars and money to max tune the car, races got too easy.

AJ Hartley1787d ago

Its called progression mate the more you play the more you are rewarded like any other gran turismo but you probably didnt know that cause you are obviously crap on them.

Bathyj1787d ago

A Buggati in the first race?

Was that the first time you ever played GT?

And pre-empting your answer as no, I've played them all, then why would you expect a 1000BHP car in the first race? You have to earn those cars in GT.

grimmweisse1787d ago

Spoilt gamer! No sense in progression or achievement. I guess it's people like you that micro transactions are made for. Buy all the lastest and fastest things so you can dominate from the get go!

AtomicGerbil1787d ago

Have you ever played a racer from scratch before? Your comment suggests otherwise.

The majority of racers start you at the bottom where you have to progress through vehicle types from slower to faster.

Baka-akaB1787d ago

Go play little big karting or something ...

Tr10wn1787d ago

.... really? you just want to pick a Veyron on the first race? GT has been always about progression licence ect and then you move to the super cars like the Veyron ill give you a reason why GT5 was horrible IMO because only 20% look awesome the other 80% of the game look like PS2 port, thats a real reason why GT5 was horrible, i really hope they deliver this time, i want to feel that old GT feel that i didnt feel in GT5.

3-4-51787d ago

You mean you can't use the best thing in game right away? no way!

GT671786d ago

all you that attack.....of course i've played GT1,2,3,SKIPPED 4 did not like GT5,grid,ridge racer,need for speed.all im saying: wish we could pick out a faster car right from the beginning like in CRITERIONS Mostwanted jump from a camaro to mclaren f1 not that i cant handle the progression ALL THIS IS is wishful thinking.

hobohunterz1786d ago

Lol a slow car could easily beat a noob with a buggatti in the first race

Twignberries1786d ago

Yeah have to agree and say considering how effing long it was in development, GT5 sucked!
The whole photo mode smoke and mirrors bullshot rendering mode pissed me off big time. Why hype your game up like crazy stating that the reason it's in development for so long is because of its "crazy" attention to details... details that only appear in photo mode.
I mean yeah in terms of physics it was virtually second to none, the damage model sucks balls though and the shadows looked like they were ripped straight out of a ps1 game. In my opinion it was WAY over hyped, and for what it is, WAY over dev time

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SolidStoner1787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

I would add

26. Part of the career dedicated for drifting! ;)

also we need GT6 for PS3 and PS4 for those who will buy it! I would buy both!

and most of these numbers are improvements not fixes! Its not like it has 25 broken things.. I play it, I can say it for sure! :)

1787d ago
Good_Guy_Jamal1787d ago

No more premium/standard cars. They should all be created and treated equal.
In car view for every car and proper damage that doesn't need to be to unlocked. You could
Less Hondas and Skylines. Artificial boistering of the car list, it's sad.
Better and more intuitive user interface, GT5's menu was a mess.
Other than that I'd say keep everything the same.

Cupid_Viper_31787d ago

Son...You're so full of sh!t. You are a special specimen that can fast for 30 days straight, and still end up being full of sh!t.

"Artificial boistering of the car list, it's sad"

GT5 boast the most different brand of cars than any other car games to date. You have to try really hard to find a car brand that isn't included in GT5.

"No more premium/standard cars. They should all be created and treated equal."

You can complete 95% of the game without ever stepping foot in a standard car. Sure it would be nice to have all 1000 plus cars in the game being the most detailed cars to grace consoles this gen. But as you may not know, it takes 6 months to create each premium cars. Here's something else you may not know, Every single car in the game drives and handles true to it's real life counterpart....since you know, GT5 is a driving simulator first, Car pornography second.

"Better and more intuitive user interface, GT5's menu was a mess."

You're again talking out of your butthole buddy. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the current UI of GT5. The only issue that ever existed with the UI was that you had to leave the game to work on your car. Something PD fixed with one of the earliest Patches to the game.

I love how people with absolutely no experience with the game, get on here and start spouting sh!t they're read on the web, and passing it off as their own experience.

Only in GT5 can I take my car to Suzuka Circuit and tear it up. Then after that, take that same car offroad for some rally after adjusting the suspension, and then also take it on the ice with snow tires...

or rain, or night racing....

take your pile of sh!t out of here buddy.

MoonConquistador1787d ago

So so true Cupid, too many people try to look for whats not there in GT 5 rather than seeing the myriad of options challenges and realism that only GT 5 has really delivered this gen.

Take GT 5 for what it is and that's a real driving simulator, go elsewhere if you want something different.

The only thing that GT 5 could do better on would be loading times, something which should improve drastically on the PS 4

kneon1787d ago

Many brands have hardly any selection while others are over represented. I don't need 30 different skylines, in fact I don't need even one. I have over 1100 cars in GT5 and probably only use about 25 of them on a regular basis.

I would rather have fewer cars but more interesting cars instead of the the endless list of boring japanese sedans that are there now.

How about some more european cars, especially older models from the 50s and 60s. I'd love some vintage formula 1 cars going right back to the 30s.

Cupid_Viper_31787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

@ Kneon

In other words, 30 Skylines out of 1100 cars. Meaning that Skylines makes up 3% percent of the cars in the game.

So 3 percent of the game bothers you? Like I said, you folks needs something better to complain about.

You expect a Japanese Car Games Studio, who's making an exclusive car game for a Japanese Console, not to represent their many different Japanese cars in their Game?

You're right, they should leave the task of representing japanese cars to the next Ferrari Racing, or Ford Racing games coming out in ther future.

"How about some more european cars, especially older models from the 50s and 60s. I'd love some vintage formula 1 cars going right back to the 30s."

Again son, no other car games (at least on consoles) cast as wide a net as the GT5 when it comes to Car Manufacturers and Eras....

Here's the list

kneon1787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )


The skylines are just an example, but sadly they've done the same thing with too many other models.

I expect a racing game developer to put in cars that appeal to their audience, not use nationalistic pride as an excuse to stuff the game full of boring cars.

And the selection of pre-1970's cars is pretty light, they need to focus mainly from the mid 70's onward.

Cupid_Viper_31787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

"And the selection of pre-1970's cars is pretty light, they need to focus mainly from the mid 70's onward."

In the link I provided you with, within the first 500 cars on that list there are 50 cars from the 1970s and prior.

Meaning that are more cars from the 1970s and prior than there are skylines in the game. And that's just counting only the first 500 cars listed. You conveniently use 30 skylines to say the game focus too much on them. And say that it doesn't focus enough on classics, yet it has almost double the number of classics cars than it has Skylines. Again, I've only counted the first 500 cars on the list.

Like I said, you're saying the game should be doing something that it is already doing. Nonsensical right?

kneon1787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

A quick look at the list shows I underestimated the # of skylines. Here are the worst offenders of redundancy in car selection

Honda s2000 - 18
Masda MX-5 - 21
Mazda RX-7 - 19
Mitsubishi 3000Gt - 12
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution - 22
Nissan Fairlady - 13
Nissan Silvia - 16
Nissan Skyine - 41
Subaru Imprezza - 24

If I've counted correctly that's 186 cars, most of which are just minor variations of the same car. I think 3-5 versions of any model of car is plenty. After that I'd prefer they work on a different model.

And it doesn't matter to me that no other game has better variety, that doesn't mean GT6 and beyond shouldn't improve.

I'm more interested in the quality of cars rather than quantity. The vast majority of the cars available hold little interest so they are only driven when required by the race rules.

Larry L1787d ago

In my own mind, I'm the biggest GT fan there is. That said, I do SORT OF agree that there are alot of un-needed models of RX-7s, Miatas and Skylines. Alot of them are pretty much the same EXACT car.

But what most internet critics of all those cars that I've seen their toughts don't seem to understand is that a good percentage of all those many cars DO have important historical value to fans knowledgable about those cars. Alot of those Skylines for example (but others too) are either rare street models, championship drift or race cars, historic race winning cars.......stuff like that. If you actually read the history of the cars in the game, it makes it more clear as to why that particular car is there, and you may appreciate it's inclusion a bit more.

But while there are like 25 Skylines that I absolutely believe should always be in the game, there are certainly 10 or more others that can go because they are a bit redundant.

I am not going to complain about HUGE car lists though, I just think there are well over 100 redundant cars that could go and GT5 still has by FAR the largest car selection. I think GT5 is amazing and still the best realistic racer to date as a whole package. It's been surpassed graphically, but that's it (on consoles). My only real critique on the game is the lack of freedom. I mean, there's alot to do, but it;s the small restrictive, annoying things that that add up.

Like......Why so restrictive on rims? Even on premiums you have a SMALL selection, why aren't the few custom rims in the game not able to be put on every car? Not all cars can even change rims still, and not only ones where it makes sense. Paint chips with one use?? I like the paint chip collection idea, but once I have the color I should be able to use it all I want. Why give us a create-a-track that we have no real control to know....create a track.....? I like that there are no ranks online, it makes for less A-holes wreckin-4-rank and team wrecking, but the game is pretty restrictive on options for creating custom races.

Another annoying one is the added simplified in car view for standard models. I have no complaint with standard models. Racing I notice little to no difference between standards once they've had a rim and paint change. And that simplified in-car WOULD have been fine if not for the fact that FOR SOME REASON they forgot to code it so it incorperates the actual BODY OF THE CAR. The windows are in the right shape and the mirrors are in the right spot but the body is just invisible. Why is it the PSP has no problem rendering the body with that same simplified in-car view, 2 years before the PS3 version released, but the PS3 version can't? It made the perfect solution turn out completely rediculous imo. I thought it was just an oversight when they added the in-car, but it wasn't something the fixed which means it was on purpose....why?

With GT6 on PS3, I'm confident all these issues will be fixed and the visuals are going to make a surprisingly large jump as well, just thatnks to the more modern memory allocation for PS3 which Sony devs have come up with since GT5's engine was complete and "closed" in 2008.

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weirdo1787d ago

why oh why.. time to put this game to rest. i played gt5 but gave up due to a few things e.g. boredom, screen tearing, frame rate drops, awful low-res shadows, lack of damage, horrendous cockpits of non-premium cars, shall i go on...

AJ Hartley1787d ago

Yeh carry on you weirdo the game was amazing anyone who loves cars would know that.

kneon1787d ago

I buy racing games for the driving, minor graphics issues that you wouldn't notice unless you're looking for them are inconsequential.

Redempteur1787d ago

The writter hasn't played GT5 in a long time.

4-Not needed we don't care about this part that nobody is gonna see.It should be improved but Not a full modelisation
6-Already in GT5
7-Not needed in a simulation.
9-Was alredy in the original B-spec plan.
18-Waste of time and ressources
19-Worst idea ever ( what do you guys want GT5 to become ? )
20-Rally cars alredy in GT5. Ok for more events
24-GT5 is a simulation. Doing this will make it a arcade racer...NOT NEEDED

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