Iwata Admits Nintendo Did Not Try Hard Enough To Make Wii U Success

Saturo Iwata has admitted that Nintendo has failed to create sufficient momentum for both 3DS and Wii U.

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Sandmano1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

Was unexpected TBH Nintendo seemed unstoppable its up to Sony or MS to take up the mantle now...

ChickeyCantor1821d ago

Eh...Nothing is set in stone yet.

g2gshow1820d ago

i got a bright idea nintendo how about next time try starting off by making a next gen console a not just a next console

darthv721820d ago

they need to focus on the wii games library as a selling point for the wii-u. Find a way to encourage people to trade up the hardware while keeping the software and accessories.

nintendo could have done a trade in program for like $50 off the price of a wii-u with the trade in of just the wii deck only. Maybe that wouldnt have done anything...then again maybe it would.

3DS can play all of the ds titles and so it was a better option between the two. wii-u can play all the wii games and wiiware games so it too is a better option between the two.

i tell people to get the wii-u if they are in the market for a wii. It is just a better system and the huge existing library of good fun wii games is nothing to be ashamed of in spite of low wii-u titles available.

The system will get the games but the first step is to get the system into the hands of those who already have a wii.

Hell, even the super nintendo struggled when it first came out. I dont think it ever outsold the nes but it certainly did get the games and with it the user base that would keep nintendo going through the n64 and gamecube days.

Times are different now. console are more approachable in that they are doing more than just playing games but its the games aspect that really compels a consumer to buy. I really dont knwo what nintendo was thinking when it came to marketing this thing. Its good, it really is but you cant get word of mouth success for the wii-u like they did the wii anymore.

LOL_WUT1820d ago

Seriously Nintendo should've axed the guy, he clearly is not competent enough to run the company. He has messed up on so many occasions that I don't even know how he manages to keep his job. ;)

n4f1820d ago

so you want to axe a guy that help wii sold console more than ps3+360 and slash his salary when the 3ds was bad and now the 3ds is steadily picking up steam?
lol, what?

Muffins12231820d ago Show
DragonKnight1820d ago

@n4f: Iwata had nothing to do with how much the Wii sold. The Wii's success is due to price and celebrity endorsement. The Wii was, for the longest time, the main console to give away in prizes because of its family friendly focus and cheap cost. The Wii's success has little to do with it being a great gaming system and more to do with Apple like sheep mentality. People follow the "next big thing" like it's their last "big thing."

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lilbroRx1820d ago

What's makes you think Sony and Microsoft will fair any better with there new console?

Every hurdle Nintendo has to jump, they will have to jump as well.

3-4-51820d ago

So much to learn.....

Nintendo IS the video game industry weather you want to admit it or not.

They have also indicated in the past year their future plans for both handheld and Console but nobody seems be paying attention.

* They are already working on/ beginning dev stages for their next Handheld, where 3D either won't be a feature or a minor back to somewhat norm for them there.

* For Wii U, they have indicated they will be switching the "pacing" of their consoles.

After this gen it's not going to be 3 consoles a gen anymore.


2012 = Wii U

2013 = PS4 + Xbox 720

2017-2018 = New Nintendo Console + New handheld

2021-2022 = Microsoft + Sony console

DwightOwen1820d ago

30 million 3DS units sold is not "sufficient momentum"?

eagle211820d ago

I know right. But they want to sell 18 million 3DS's this calendar year.

NBT911820d ago

"“In the US and in Europe we were unable to create sufficient momentum of the Nintendo 3DS system during the holiday season, and so the situation was not looking good at the beginning of the year,” he told investors."

He is talking about the holiday 2012 - early 2013 period, not lifetime sales. The article title fails to mention that of course, good ol' N4G for ya!

Still looks like they realized their mistake (branding crisis along with lack of games) and are promising to fix both which is... Promising, I guess?

Erimgard1820d ago

It's selling like nuts in Japan, but it hasn't produced the numbers they want in the US yet, and the US is their biggest market right now. That's why they've announced that their biggest focus this year is making the 3DS popular in the West.

g2gshow1820d ago

WOW who are the fan boy's to disagree with the president ... dam dam dam

ps3_pwns1820d ago

i been saying this as well as lot of other gamers that nintendo wasnt doing anything or trying and the fanboys said they were trying and the games they released was good enough to get the console lol. how does it feel to be suckered into buying a wii u at full price when nintendo wasnt even trying. i feel nintedo does this with a lot fo there games and online stuff. they just dont try and there fanboys let them get away with it with no critisizm. nintendo is not the same nintendo only fanboys who are blind turn a blind eye to the lack of quality becuase of nostalgia and because games on other consoles are to hard for them and stresful lol. casua gamers want the easy peezy games nintendo puts out.

g2gshow1820d ago

so your saying nintendo players are easy game playing a dont kill the messager people im just saying what he said ...... (cleans the dirt off his hands)

sway_z1820d ago

Nintendo should galvanize themselves now. There is an opportunity for a Wii U re-launch Sept, just in time to catch some more customers prior to PS4 launch and poss. Xbox over the holiday period.

No time for regrets now Nintendo, sell that Wii U....Ads, TV Spots, Billboard, Radio, Print ....line up those games!

mcstorm1820d ago

I agree but for me Nintendo have made the same mistake as they did with the 3ds with the wiiu. That was by giving the 3rd party games a chance to take centre stage. No one was going to buy a wiiu for mfsmw, or ac3 or even batman as they can get games like this on consoles they already own.
Look at the numbers on the top wiiu games and mariou has sold 2.4 million on a 3 million fan base. That says it all. Im expecting Nintendo to hit this Christmas period hard with big name gamea like Mario kart, Zelda, super smash bros and lots of adverts to show off what the wiiu can do.
Even though there are not to many games out for the wiiu I can’t get enough of mariou, zombie, tekken tag, sonic all stars and lego city on my wiiu.
Yes the wiiu has not got the power the ps4 will have and I expect the next xbox to have more power to but since when has a games consoles been about power? It’s about the gamea and we all know Nintendo games are always good games and if they add mp, and miiverse onto their own games then they can make the wiiu stand out against the ps4 and next xbox as there is room for all 3 as we have seen this gen.

2v11820d ago

and who are they going to fool?

Th4Freak1820d ago

No one noticed it Iwata...

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