Has Dust 514 Missed Its Golden Opportunity?

In a conversation with IGN, developer CCP addresses concerns that its PS3 game, Dust 514, may have missed its opportune window to launch.

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Jek_Porkins1826d ago

To be honest I never heard about this game until a couple of months ago, and now will everything leading up to new consoles, this game is definitely one under my radar. The concept seems interesting and promising, but I'm not sure it's something I'll get around to actually playing before new consoles release, not to mention games like GTA5 ect..

Soldierone1826d ago

The game is free to play, and it isn't straddled to roadblocks forcing you to pay. You can actually enjoy the game for free for a good while.

So there really is no reason to let it fly under radar.... At least try it first.

darthv721826d ago

porkin's problem is lack of interest in playing the game. Seems more like it could be time constrained to me.

The term "getting around to playing" is usually indicative of lack of time available. There are plenty of games i have that i start but never finish because I was on the hunt for the next new game fix.

In the down months is when i revisit titles i've started. Like right now, even with BS Infinite released, I made a promise to myself i would finish BS1 and 2 before i got infinite. I know they arent directly related but i have to curb my over zealous nature of getting every new release when it comes out.

I NEED to finish what i start.

As to this game, I have seen lots of vids and read many good things about it. you can't argue with the price, that's for sure.

Temporary1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

I've been playing this game since the beta first released. I stopped for a few months because of the constant resets, but they finally stopped resetting skill points so i started again 2 months ago. It's a GREAT game...thats all I can say without writing an essay-long review.

Edit: Also, the game supports Mouse + Keyboard...and reminds of of Counterstrike when I play. It's very very nostalgic for me personally, since I dont really play PC games much. Mouse and Keyboard should be an option on every PS3 FPS game.

Good_Guy_Jamal1826d ago

When does it actually release? Is the beta still on?

HammadTheBeast1825d ago

Beta is still on, but version 0.8 update is coming on May 6th, which is massive and greatly improves graphics, game play, and adds tons of new things.

Reverent1826d ago

I literally just played this for the first time in a few months... All I can say at this point, is the most recent update ruined it a bit for me. I had a ton of fun in the closed beta, but I don't know now... It doesn't feel the same. It feels even slower and clunkier than it was (which is kind of crazy, considering how slow and clunky it already was).

The game just really needs a lot of work.

MestreRothN4G1826d ago

Slow and clunky are the best words I have seen to describe it. Thumbs up.
The premise is still very good. If they can polish the game (which I don't think they'll be able to), something good can come from this.

Pintheshadows1826d ago

Don't count CCP out. They constantly fritter away and support their games. They also usually heed fan feedback. I'm not so keen on it now as when I was in the closed beta but it is far from a lost cause and I think CCP will come good.

NegativeCreepWA1826d ago

Making FPSs on consoles are really hit and miss, the way they feel has to be just right.

Some of the greatest PC FPSs play like crap on consoles, Dust kind of feels like a bad PC port, I think it could of done better on PC.

Roccetarius1826d ago

I always thought Dust 514 was in the shadow of Planetside 2. Sure, both EVE and Dust is connected, but i doubt it'll be that popular.

darkhitman1826d ago

I have been playing dust since E3 last year its a fun game but you need to join a corp to really get into it, solo playing will just get boring. the article talks about this being a "true" beta not just a demo or server test and this is very true the game is changing in the last 2 hours they have shown off some new graphics that are being deployed on may 6th. consoles have never really had a game quite like this (that i know of) and its not going to appeal to everyone but there are console gamers out there that want a deeper game and dust can give them that

SolidDuck1826d ago

There supposed to have a huge update on may 6th that will change or fix a lot of things. But ya unless they can get it running on ps4 also, then ya there a year or 2 late with this thing. I mean it's still in beta form with no official release date with the ps4 probably 6 to 8 months away. But hey if they officially release it in a couple months and then release like a year later on ps4 and there connected and u can bring your character over and play with ps3 people they might be in fine shape. It depends on what there ultimate plan is and how addictive the game becomes.

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