Unreal Console Success - Interview: Epic's Michael Capps

GamesIndustry.Biz writes: "Epic Games has really raised its profile on videogame consoles over the past few years - first with Gears of War, most recently with Unreal Tournament 3, and in a variety of titles from numerous publishers.

The company was also in the spotlight last year thanks to outspoken members such as Mark Rein and Cliffy B, not to mention some grumbling from developers which culminated in a lawsuit being filed by Silicon Knights.

The recent Game Developers Conference in San Francisco provided us with an opportunity to chat with Epic's president Michael Capps on their new console focus, the debate between creating and licensing engines, and what has made the Unreal Engine in particular so ubiquitous."

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princejb1343539d ago

i believe epic is gonna be big in the near future
it already is big right now with shooters, only gonna get better through time and experience