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Star Trek: The Game Review | Polygon

Chris Pine is just a regular guy from L.A. who happens to be physically without fault and whose dad was on CHiPs. You probably know 100 guys just like him. He didn't know he'd be contributing to one of the worst games, technically and conceptually, I've played.

He just wanted to be Captain Kirk.

You just want to be Captain Kirk.

It is too late for Chris Pine. It is not too late for you. That's why I am going to devote around 950 words to preventing you from buying — nay, playing — Star Trek: The Game. (PC, PS3, Star Trek, Xbox 360) 3/10

first1NFANTRY  +   824d ago
lol another turd for the bargain bins. this game has fail written all over it. funny how the devs where praising it to the heavens
mushroomwig  +   824d ago
It's really not that bad, aside from the fact it's not really a "Star Trek" game in any traditional sense, it's decent enough.
Shadowgate  +   824d ago
People that hate these games have no friends and are playing a co op game solo..... LMAO I would never play this solo but I bet co op is a blast!
abradley  +   823d ago
Yeah, however, PC Co-op doesn't work for all PC gamers, with exceptions to developers. Hmm, kinda throws a spanner in the works there.
latinillusion81  +   824d ago
They should have canceled this game and gave us star wars 1313
yaz288  +   824d ago
How many years did they spend working on this? what a waste.
Heisenburger  +   824d ago
I will definitely be picking this up in the proverbial 'bargain bin'.

It's something that my buddy and I can play down the road.
tigertron  +   824d ago
I was really hoping this game would be good, but I knew something was off when I watched the animations in the gameplay trailers.

Still, definitely looking forward to Into Darkness, I LOVE the first film.
violents  +   824d ago
I really wish just once a game with a movie tie in wasnt some slapped together crap bag thats just trying to grab some extra revenue from fans. Cmon guys star trek has enough of a backstory to make an awesome game but you just shit in a cd case again and called it a game.

Hang your head in shame and say doh!
Pintheshadows  +   824d ago
The thing is though this has no excuse to be 'slapped together'. It has been in the works for a perfectly adequate timeframe to make a decent game, 2-3 years, and the developer isn't some no name who only make movie tie ins. It is Digital Extremes. I don't know what they've been playing at but it clearly wasn't making a game.
violents  +   824d ago
Agreed, that definitley makes it worse.
abradley  +   823d ago
Specially as they had several months of delay to so they could release at the same time as the movie. The game was apparently ready months ago, what have they been doing?

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