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Riot Employee Caught Lying to Customer

An employee at Riot Games was caught lying to a gamer about their policy regarding forum bans. This employee claimed they never lift bans on the League of Legends forums when just days before this person's friend had a forum ban lifted. (League of Legends, PC)

Rushing_Punch  +   900d ago
A troll got what was coming to him. He was looking for a fight and got stomped. I bet Lyte parades him in front of everyone with a analytical walk of shame, as he has been known to do when these toxic players claim to know the system better than he does.
azazel665  +   900d ago
Did you actually read the article? All this user did was explain why the concept of Crowdsourcing was flawed. How exactly is that being "toxic"?
Rushing_Punch  +   900d ago
Yes, I followed the links and researched it as well. He already showed that he/you had a history of toxicity. Did you know that bans are reviewed by staff as well before they are handed out?

Riot doesn't lift bans, it's not in their policy. Yes they have been known to make exceptions, but it is a case by case scenario. It's like a retailer telling you they don't refund opened games. Sure, a manager may allow someone else to do it once but that doesn't mean it is their policy to do so.

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