Limited Edition PS3 Legacy Bundle Listed by Another Retailer, Includes the GT5 XL Edition and IF2

The word ‘legacy’ has been thrown around quite a bit lately. The God of War PS3 Bundle that includes every single PlayStation game in the series is called the God of War: Ascension Legacy Bundle. Then, you have the Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection coming out in June, and even a NewEgg listing about a PS3 Legacy Bundle. - PSLS

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Wedge191884d ago

It's a great way for people to jump into the PS3's legacy.

ftwrthtx1884d ago

Not only is it a great way to jump into the PlayStation world, but it is also a great way to jump into a franchise.

TrendyGamers1884d ago

I don't know, those two games don't exactly scream legacy to me. If they added an Uncharted, God of War and LittleBigPlanet then yeah.

dbjj120881884d ago

Some good games if you don't already have them.

majiebeast1883d ago

Sony should bundle a PS3+a year of Psplus and a 50 dollar price drop.

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