GT5: Prologue net code included in 2.17 PS3 firmware

VG247's reporting that net code for the upcoming GT5 Prologue was included in last week's 2.17 PS3 firmware update.

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SUP3R3720d ago

So what does this mean?
What is net code and what does it do?

Atomic3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

no idea

sonarus3720d ago

i wish we would get custom music. driving and playing your own music would be bliss

j4gs143720d ago

im pretty sure it means the online code. to allow online multiplayer. but i thought it was supposed to be included in the disk :s

mighty_douche3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

"GT5 Prologue releases in America on March 28 in Europe and April 17 in the US."

Ummm well worded....

edit: lol, no worries bro, nice speedy fix!

masterg3720d ago

Are you seriously saying we get a game before the US.
14 days of In You Face US... haha ... Why not just release the game on the same date.. Sony I don't get it.

BobDog3720d ago

and us aussies get it on the 27th of marck =P

FreeMonk3720d ago

Are we being charged for GT5: Prologue??

I'm trying out my sister-in-laws PS3, who is selling it, to see if I like it!

I have to say that it's a nice machine, but a pain in the ass in some places!

What is it with downloading something from the PS3 store, then having to install it!??? I was expecting a X360 situation where you download it, and then play it!

I think I will be buying the PS3 though, just for the Blu-Ray player for now, then wait for MGS4.

Anyone else suggest some decent games that are out there at the moment! All I got given was Burnout Paradise, F1 '2008 and Transformers! WOO HOO!

mighty_douche3720d ago

Yes prologue will cost around £20, depending where you shop and whether you buy the Blu-Ray or PSN version.

And complaining about installing FREE demo's? Take's like 1 sec per 2 meg...... fussy....

FreeMonk3720d ago

I'm not complaining about it (although it sounded like it!! lol), I'm just suprised that you can't play as soon as the download it completed like the X360 lets you.

It was like downloading a demo from the PC.

So come on, what games a worth getting!? Both from the stores and the Playstation Store as well. Flow, Warhawk, Uncharted, Ratchet, Heavenly??? Any help?

mighty_douche3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

Warhawks great
Uncharted is fantastic
Heavenly sword if great (bit short but great)
Flow, not really a game but cool and relaxing
Call Of Duty 4 is a must have!

the list goes on.

FreeMonk3720d ago

What I'm saying is that once you have finished downloading the X360 demo, game etc, you can boot it straight up, no extra install like the PS3. Enough of that!!!

I've heard Uncharted is excellent, so I'm going to try that. Still not sure if Warhawk is my kind of game, will get Ratchet for the missus, I like the look of flow for it's simplicity, and I have COD4 for my X360, so I won't be buying that.

Any news of a release date for LittleBigPlanet yet?

mighty_douche3720d ago

Release's September, Open Beta coming "soon" (next few months i guess)

FreeMonk3720d ago

can anyone get into the Open Beta for LittleBigPlanet, or do you have to be selected???

Sorry to waste all your bubbles dude!

Wildarmsjecht3720d ago

Douche has backup

The Open BETA is assumed to be open to everyone to give sony an idea on how the game would work with a crapton of people on. Hopefully they keep it that way. See you on the PSN soon hopefully :) and yea, Uncharted is FANTASTIC.

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le killer3720d ago

going to be crash damage in gt this time? or is it still a case of indestructable cars again?

Brixxer6003720d ago

No crash damage, they're talking about including damage in the full game but it's more like "wear and tear", not the same as Forza2.

Wildarmsjecht3720d ago

The purpose of Gran Turismo is a realistic driving simulation. When you're driving, you're not meant to speed up amazingly from 0-150 in less than a second and start hitting walls and swaying and still manage to end up in first place a la many other racers out there. You gotta drive the way you're meant to drive, take in speed factors, slow down when necessary, using the vacuum space to give u a boost that kind of thing. I don't personally care for damage considering that would mean im constantly hitting walls and other cars to notice BUT:

GT5 will have some form of damage for those who feel its necessary and there is a rumor that there might be a patch for prologue to include something along those lines as well. Hope that helps.

PirateThom3720d ago

There's not going to be damage in Prologue, but Polyphony have said they are working on damage for the full game, they just want to make sure it's as perfect as possible so the damage is truely accurate.

They also have problems with manufacturers, some will allow crash damage, some won't, so they're working out how to balance that in game - races with manufactuerers who will against ones who won't.

level 3603719d ago

Guess we'll just have to see what that recent update will bring for GT5:P...