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Submitted by Phil32 1018d ago | opinion piece

The "Nextbox": What Would Make Us More Open to Microsoft's Next Generation Console

SuperPhillip Central writes, "It was officially announced yesterday that Microsoft will be unveiling their latest home console on May 21, less than a month from now, at their own special event. We at SuperPhillip Central love console reveals and cannot get enough of them, so we're excited for this new chapter in the world of Xbox. However, there are some things that we really want to see for the console that might make us more willing to invest in the system. For one, we would hope that Microsoft learned from the Red Ring of Death problem that shoddily built consoles suck. Regardless, we have eight other things that would make us more open to the next generation of Xbox. Here they are." (Kinect, Microsoft, Xbox One)

StrongMan  +   1018d ago
What would make ME more open would be:

don't block used games
no always online console
free online play
free access to my Netflix account
free access to my Hulu+ account
less kinect focus
more exclusives
better d-pad on the controller
ditch the MS points rip off system
many new IPs
Killer Instinct 3
offer another 3 year warranty out of the gate(for obvious reasons)
focus more on games instead of charging for pointless apps that are free everywhere else

Do those things and I will be open to your new console MS.
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   1018d ago
Even if MS did those things you still wouldn't buy it lol.

"MS has one casual game not buying it now."
darthv72  +   1018d ago
me personally
I dont need convincing. I'm open to any and all gaming platforms. That has been my philosophy since the Atari age.

I dont expect others to share the same sentiment because....this is one expensive hobby. For those who have the means, they understand the reward.

If you can't enjoy the industry as a whole then whichever platform you choose should only matter to you and no-one else.
greenpowerz  +   1018d ago
MSFT leaving gaming is the only thing that would make you more open.

You would just find something else to hate on or troll the differences from PS4 of the thins you listed if they came true.
ApolloTheBoss  +   1018d ago
YOU of all people have no right to say that.
nukeitall  +   1018d ago
I don't think anything will make StrongMan open to MS, other than MS buying up Sony or leaving the game industry!

However, I'm not sure about the latter.
The_Infected  +   1018d ago

free online play
free access to my Netflix account
free access to my Hulu+ account

If you have free online you have all free apps other than their required payments. So you should just mention free online.
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Captain Qwark 9  +   1018d ago
i dont have a problem with continuing to pay but id like to see the service continue to run as well as it does and perhaps offer some incentive like psn plus.

free access to apps should also be included regardless of gold. your paying for those separately i dont think it should matter if your gold or not
Oh_Yeah  +   1018d ago
How can you disagree with this...even if your the biggest xbox fan boy. MS looks at you like a pile of money. I think it's time they start giving value to the gamer and matching what their competition has to offer.
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UnholyLight  +   1018d ago
There will always be subscription based online play, but I can see it shifting to more of an offering that Sony is going to have with PS4.

One thing I can say for sure the BS microsoft points stuff is gone...they've already said they are phasing that out I thought?
pete007   1018d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
hennessey86  +   1018d ago
I'm already open to it
It's only Microsoft that could ruin the chance of me buying it.
Ad3rs78   1018d ago | Spam
Daves  +   1018d ago
Nothing I'm afraid, absolutely nothing.

It might be great, however I can only afford / focus on one console and have made up my mind that will be PS4.
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stage88  +   1018d ago
I agree.

I don't like MS's snidey presence in the game industry. The amount of damage they have done this gen is too much to even think about considering getting another Xbox branded console.
Daves  +   1018d ago
I'm slightly biased stage88 as I already own a PS3, and before that an original xbox.

I guess I'm just sticking with what I know and like.

But yeah, snidey in that they "want to control the living room" ...but let them have it, proper gaming goes on in the man cave.
pete007  +   1018d ago
carefull, i might return to your comment after next box reveal
Daves  +   1018d ago
Please do! MS will have some features Sony are promising in the future out of the box. But my mind won't change.
PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   1018d ago
i have a 360, but ive come to a conclusion Ms wont have any good exclusives again.. and i want to play the last of us so im going with PS4.
BattleTorn  +   1018d ago
Don't need a PS4 to play Last of Us..
PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   1018d ago
well i do because i dont have a PS3.. so ill wait for the PS4 version.. i wont only pick up that game tho..
josephayal  +   1018d ago
i wan't always online and xbox live gold
BattleTorn  +   1018d ago
According to N4G: nothing it's already doomed.

BattleTorn  +   1018d ago
Honestly, they don't have to do much at all. (For me, at least)

What was Sony's NET revenue last year? (or the year before that? or the year before that?)
- all in the negative.

What has MS NET revenue been for several years?
- Positive.

Sony's struggling. And I don't see how a struggling company can win.

And to say, they will because they have more at stake is like saying Nokia makes better phones than Apple - cause they have more at stake.
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mochachino  +   1018d ago
So you enjoy being ripped off, aka paying for services offered free on every other online device on the planet just so MS can post greater profits? Then use that as justification for why you think MS is superior. Madness.

I bet you like paying for Live because to get "timed exclusives" too.

You know your paying money just to ensure that other gamers don't get something that you would have gotten anyways without paying, only if you didn't pay you'd have to allow everyone to get it at the same time.

Paying for Live gets you no extra content, it just provides MS with the money to prevent others (Sony/PC) from getting the content at the same time. There's no gain, only loss to gamers.

Congrats on being part of the problem.
Jek_Porkins  +   1018d ago
Show me the console, price it $499 or lower, give me some good games to play, a natural evolution of Xbox Live and I'm good to go!

Game on!
nigelp520  +   1018d ago
Gamers ruined Rareware in my opinion. PDZ was worst than the orginal but was an amzing launch game that sadly doesnt hold up.Kameo is one of the most underrated platformers this gen. Viva Pinata is a fun game i play time to time. Banjo kazooie threw fans off but i respect rare to try new things
RuleofOne343  +   1018d ago
No matter what they show or do not show am still getting one maybe two who knows Can't wait.
dcbronco  +   1018d ago
Being open minded should do the trick. Closed mindedness could be the only thing holding you back if you;re really a gamer. Any real gamer would wait to see what a console has to offer before making a choice. Not listen to a bunch of rumors and say they aren't interested.

If the only rumor(which is actually fact based) that was true was dual GPUs would that be enough?

Of course not. Anyone that writes a fanboy list of problems
like in that farticle wouldn't buy a Xbox.

"No RRoD please".

As if that was planned. What company purposely puts out a bad machine? No problems with the 360 S. Get over the past. Or is your next article "I'll get the PS4 if it doesn't have the Cell in it".
mochachino  +   1018d ago
Basic free online MP at least.

It shouldn't cost extra to access Youtube or Netflix either though. That's probably the lowest I've ever seen a major company stoop to grab more revenue.

Most importantly, it needs equal or greater power to PS4 or I'm just getting a PS4.
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DigitalRaptor  +   1018d ago
- Produce a reliable console, don't knowingly ship out poorly manufactured ones to market, and don't treat the consumers like they are in the wrong for having their poorly manufactured console die on them.

@ dcbronco "As if that was planned. What company purposely puts out a bad machine? No problems with the 360 S. Get over the past."

You're telling me companies don't do internal testing and that MS didn't come back with a good number of failed units, even though many Xbox 360s on the market died after months, weeks and even days??? Be realistic. MS strategy was beating rivals to market with the big guns they had. They weren't going to delay their launch over a problem that they thought would be less important.

- Keep it going with healthy dose of exclusive games each year, including new IPs. Revive some of those long requested Xbox series if needs be. Exclusives matter, always have done and despite what some people try to project to others, what would be the point of two consoles existing in the same marketplace if they only had the SAME games?

- Remove your disgusting $60 ransom for basic P2P online connectivity, which is basically paying again for the privilege of using my own ISP bandwidth. Let people choose if they want to have ADVANCED features or not.

- The same goes for forcing that $60 yearly entry fee to access apps that are FREE on every single device in existence outside the Xbox ecosystem. Disgusting market manipulation there.

I don't believe MS are stupid enough to go ahead with the "blocking used games" and "always-online DRM", but then again they are in the business of anti-consumerism when you consider the aforementioned practices, so it's not really anything that would surprise me coming from them.

Basically, all I'm asking from Microsoft is, that they don't treat me as a stupid consumer like they do currently, cause that doesn't float well with me.
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i3eyond the Circle  +   1017d ago
an incoming bombshell of the nextbox having twice the features and power of the competitors will leave only that "its all about first party titles tho..." the troll theme for the next 10 years.

Hearts are going to hurt when all can be broken down...May 21st early in the AM so the fanboys can hurt all day long and flood websites with hits.

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